An investigation starts to check foreign donations coming to the PTI

An investigation starts to check foreign donations coming to the PTI

Islamabad: A bundle of reports prepared by intelligence agencies indicates that May 9, 2023 riots were not a separate and isolated incident rather they were just a link of a chain possibly made by foreign smiths.

The way things were prearranged quite well before they actually took place on May 9, 2023, enhances the possibility of the contribution of foreign hands in the entire planning. The first thread to understand the current undercurrents of the situation is the deep investigation of foreign funding that came to PTI in the last 10 years and this investigation is now underway.


Sources in law enforcement agencies claim that information gathered by intelligence agencies is mind-blowing while designating craftsmanship how links were produced separately years ago and then fix one by one for producing a chain that today is trying to chain Pakistan. There is a possibility even characters like retired civil and military bureaucrats could not imagine that they have already been victims of a very calculated conspiracy against their country.

If someone tries to do reverse engineering of this chain, he or she can find the answers to riddles spreading over the last eight to 10 years. People who deal with sensitive and classified information are of the view that foreign enemies had an idea that Pakistan’s military and its intelligence agencies later or sooner would control the menace of terrorism so it was sensible to launch another project that could be matured by the time Pakistan could have control or defeat Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan and this parallel project was design to inject constant and reliable political and economic unrest in Pakistan. That was the time Project Imran was under construction so the best choice was to maneuver this project for future results.

The first tangible success was achieved by foreign hands out of this parallel project when PTI created a situation in Pakistan that resulted in the postponement of the visit of the Chinese President XI to Islamabad in 2014 due to PTI-PTA Dharna (sit-in) and Pakistani-Canadian Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri had a lead role and there are allegations that former Governor Punjab Ch Sarwar who is a former British politician helped protestors to reach Red Zone for Dharna.

However, this Dharna lost its credibility and importance when it failed to dent the resolve of the Chinese government for launching the Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and there was the announcement that CPEC would be launched even without its planned ceremony that was scheduled to be attended by Chinese President. CPEC was formally launched in 2015 with the value of $46 billion but that was a disastrous development for those who had been planning to halt this project.

Things went on and Project Imran took its driving seat, and the first target was CPEC. A series of allegations against CPEC started coming out from the mouths of PTI cabinet members, particularly Murad Saeed who was federal minister of Communication. Railways project ML-1 was also halted under allegations of corruption. Meanwhile, dual citizenship holders like the Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan and the National Security Advisor had complete access to CPEC-related documents.

China, the United States, Saudi Arabia, European Union, and UAE are important foreign partners of Pakistan and Khan’s 42-month tenure surely dented Pakistan’s relations with these strategically important countries. The cipher fiasco was enough to disgruntle US politicians who are justified to say that Pakistani politicians are unreliable partners and they can use anything for their domestic interests and can create any fairytale that can hamper the reputation of US government functionaries for their (politicians) vested interests.  Sharing a letter written by EU Ambassador in Islamabad over the Ukraine war by Imran Khan in Vehari public meeting was a terrible diplomatic mistake and European media called this act “sheer diplomatic indecency”.

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Sources claim that the majority of PTI donations (funding) comes from abroad and such a situation always increases the chance of foreign unseen hands behind such parties. Since former prime minister Imran Khan was voted out from office, there is extreme pressure on PTI from its foreign donors to target former military leadership under attack and that is one of the reasons that Imran Khan for pleasing his investors kept fighting with former military leaders, and then launched an onslaught against the sitting military leadership. The pinnacle of the situation was an attack on military-related buildings and monuments of martyrs. Burning down MM Alam’s F-86 Sabre which was a symbol of PAF’s victory over the Indian Air Force in 1965 was also a well-planned event. Intelligence reports also indicate active involvement of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan in the May 9, 2023 riots and direct involvement of anti-state actors living inside Afghanistan.

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Since Pakistan Army is considered the most powerful and stable institution so it is the right target for foreign enemies funding in Pakistan and they want to destroy the reputation of the military to create a situation that the world had witnessed in Iraq and Libya where the Armies were destroyed before attacking the countries.

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According to sources, the reverse engineering of incidents that took place during the PTI government related to PTI economic and foreign affairs policies and events of post-Imran removal to find threads and hands behind internal political crises that have clearly linked with external elements.

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