Is there any difference between TTP and PTI?

NationalIs there any difference between TTP and PTI?

Islamabad, Pakistan: All is said and all is done. The Chagi mountain replica model installed inside Radio Pakistan building in Peshawar is no more because it is just ashes now. It was the symbol of nuclear deterrence Pakistan achieved in 1998.

The Jinnah House owned by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and under the use as residence of Corp Commander Lahore is now burnt to ashes— Peshawar Radio Pakistan’s historical record is also now just ashes. Now Pakistan is standing in the middle of ashes and watching the situation. This is not done by Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) but by Pakistan Tehrik Insaaf (PTI).

By standing in the middle of ashes every sane Pakistani has a moral right to rename PTI Tehrik e Pakistan Insaaf (TPI); with the only difference of one more “T” that is the Taliban although several sane elements had been tagging Imran Khan as Taliban Khan in the past. There is no doubt there had been many similarities between TTP and PTI (the new name of PTI can be now TIP). Both do not respect and believe in the constitution of Pakistan and both want to remove the constitution from the scene—one believes that the constitution is non-Islamic (TTP) and while the other believes that the constitution is redundant and must be removed and replaced with a Presidential form of constitution. Both express their hatred for Pakistan Army and both attacked Pakistan Army (PTI-TIP verbally in the past and now physically as well). Both use the KPK province as their launching pad as charged and weaponized mobs of PTI always move from KPK to attack the Capital of Pakistan. Both have connivance and PTI in its tenure invited TTP to resettle in Pakistan as far as in Kacha areas of Punjab where now TTP is helping dacoits to attack Pakistan.

Do we need more similarities between TTP and PTI? Moreover, both have their strong stars dealing with legal cases because hardly any TTP top leader has been convicted from regular courts like hardly any conviction comes from regular courts against PTI followers and leadership. Both have been using their leverage of being popular in KPK and both do not believe in logical dialogue.

When one (TTP) was crushed by force by the Pakistan Army the second (PTI) bailed the first out of the situation and managed the negotiation and resettlement back in Pakistan from Afghanistan. The only difference between them is that one is a registered political party (PTI) and the second (TTP) is not although PTI had officially been inviting TTP to form its political wing and open offices in Pakistan as a mainstream party.  Pakistan sacrificed over 80,000 innocent citizens to get out of the terror war TTP launched against the state and only God knows what this country would face now under PTI because the last year had been disastrous.

TTP used only guns and narratives against Pakistan Army and Pakistan as a state while PTI in the last year used all political and diplomatic weapons to defeat the state. Sending letters to IMF for not granting loans to Pakistan and writing letters to the UN to tag Pakistan as a state of concern over alleged Human Rights abuses had been some of PTI tools and the United States Commission of International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) put Pakistan in the list of country of concern due to letters written by PTI to UN and European Union. Meanwhile, PTI-hired lobby firms are also painting a portrayal of Pakistan in the US system that Pakistan actually is not.

It may be remembered that TTP attacked GHQ Rawalpindi in October 2009 and PTI did the same on May 9, 2023.

Everybody in Pakistan understands that people who wrote letters to the UN, United States, and European are freely roaming around in the capital of Pakistan because courts of law look polite towards PTI leadership. Pakistan is facing a phase where the judiciary is firm to maintain its supremacy over the state and it looks like the state is an employee of the judiciary. We had seen how much this behavior had been damaging to Pakistan on May 9, 2023, at Black Bay.

Can we go on the same mechanism for a long if we really wish to see Pakistan as a country?

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