Abu Dhabi traffic fines Discount 2024

UAEAbu Dhabi traffic fines Discount 2024
get a discount on Abu Dhabi traffic fines
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Not everyone intentionally breaks traffic laws. There are many reasons for breaking traffic laws, but you must always pay a fee. Abu Dhabi, UAE, has highly high traffic fines. Motorists can sigh relief by getting a discount on Abu Dhabi traffic fines. So let’s check how you can avail of the Abdu Dhabi Traffic Fine Discount and its last date.

Updated in April 2022: Abu Dhabi drivers who pay their fines within a year after their violation can receive a 25% discount. If paid in full within two months following the violation, you might receive a 35% discount on traffic penalties in Abu Dhabi.


Nov 2021 Update: Drivers in Abu Dhabi who get incorrect traffic fines can appeal the fines by going to the police station. Only one month is available as the appeal period. When a traffic fine applies, drivers are notified via SMS or can check the Abu Dhabi Police app. You have a month to appeal any traffic fines in Abu Dhabi that were added to your record for which you weren’t responsible. Drivers must pay the total acceptable amount for the violation if no objections are received from them within a month.

Discount on Abu Dhabi traffic fines

Hurry! 50% discount on Abu Dhabi traffic fines ends soon - News | Khaleej Times

Currently, drivers in Abu Dhabi can receive a 35% discount on their traffic fines provided they pay them in full within 60 days of the violation.

Until the end of 2020, a 25% discount is available if the fine is paid within a year of the offence.

Additionally, if the punishment is paid before June 22, 2020, drivers who broke the law before December 22, 2019, can receive a 50% discount.

How do you avail yourself of the discount on Abu Dhabi traffic fines?

To receive a discount, there are various procedures to complete:

  • Visit the Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters’ “Fines Department”
  • Take identification from Emirates, a driver’s licence, and your car registration.
  • Obtain the printout that the relevant executives have provided.
  • A form requesting the transfer of the offences to the traffic court will be made available.
  • Once the application is accepted, traffic officials notify drivers with a confirmation letter the next day.
  • The applicant must appear in person at the traffic court with the required documentation to receive the discount and pay the fee.

UAE motorists to get discounts on traffic fines - Utilities Middle East

How do I make the payment?

Paying for traffic offences can be done through various means. The Abu Dhabi Government Tamm direct payment channels through police customer service are among them. Payment through mobile apps is possible thanks to a partnership with five banks, including the ones listed below.

  1. Emirates Islamic Bank
  2. First Abu Dhabi Bank
  3. Mashreq Al Islamic
  4. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
  5. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

To benefit from these banks’ offers, the motorist must own credit cards. The motorist must speak with the bank no later than two weeks after making the reservation to request instalment traffic payments.
Fines can be paid through the Abu Dhabi Police service centres and other digital channels, such as online payment through a smartphone or web portals. The option of paying fines in instalments of up to one year without interest is available.

All the traffic fine discounts announced in the UAE - explained

Things to remember

  • Discounts are only given for RTA traffic violations.
  • Other offences, such as those with black marks and licence suspension, are not dismissed.
  • If a driver’s license has 24 points, it will be suspended, and the driver will be unable to drive for a year.
  • The court determines the traffic’s acceptable amount in particular situations, such as driving while intoxicated, fatalities, etc.
  • Before departing the nation, it’s critical to resolve any driving violations.
  • Traffic fines can be paid in instalments by drivers.





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