A festival of lights in Norwich to combat loneliness

By Matthias Samuel


A festival of lights, celebrated in the British City of Norwich featuring a parade of dogs wearing fireworks and sparkling costumes, has been described as an attempt to face loneliness and to celebrate love. On the night of February 14, a crowd of 30 in the streets of Norwich came to see the festival “Lou Light”. The festival was organized by an organization seeking to increase business activity in Norwich. Carolyn Bidwell, a member of the team, said that the theme of the festival, which is a feeling of love and affection, would bring people closer.

The festival was attended by several global light artists who created a variety of architectural artworks that were reflected in the city’s historic buildings with the help of a projector. Interactive artist Michael David created a 12-piece minaret with glittering circles that people liked. The Friday night parade was also attended by volunteers who were gathered on both sides of the parade route and welcomed the participants with light talk and were trying to connect with the event.

Alex Ransler, one of the organizers of the project, said: “The purpose of this parade was not to substitute for Valentine’s experience, but small things can make a big difference.” He said, ‘If it works then it will be wonderful, if not, then at least we tried. I think social attachment is a big problem for all towns and cities.’ Lighting designer Nick Ezidi, a New Zealand-based artist, created an artistic combination of color and light for the Norwich Anglican Cathedral.

“It’s a magnificent building,” he says. Its volume, its history, its locations are all magnificent. It’s great to light it up and shed new light. ‘The parade concluded with performances by French artists Bilobasso’s Fire Street Theater about the ‘satire on marital life’.

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