5 Reasons To Buy Honda CG 125 in Pakistan 2023

Bikes in Pakistan5 Reasons To Buy Honda CG 125 in Pakistan 2023

Reasons to buy Honda CG 125

Atlas Honda is not only popular for its four-wheelers lineup in Pakistan, but the massive popularity also resides in its bikes: Honda CD 70 and Honda CG 125. In recent years, Honda CG 125 has experienced a massive hike in its prices. But, the demand does not seem to come down for a lot of reasons. So, check out the reasons to buy Honda CG 125 in Pakistan in 2023.


Reasons to Buy Honda CG 125

The following are the reasons to buy Honda CG 125 in Pakistan 2023:

  • Bike Design
  • Engine
  • Maintenance
  • No Competition
  • Resale Value

Bike Design

Reasons to buy Honda CG 125

Atlas Honda has continued to manufacture Honda CG 125 in its traditional backbone style frame. Yet it has not lost its customer base because the design is functional and captivating. The design of the Honda CG 125 is sleek and smart with impressive aerodynamics to boost performance. Moreover, the minimal design makes it lightweight which also improvises the performance by lowering the pressure and workload. Therefore, the design makes this bike last longer without maintenance.

Additionally, the plus point of this Honda CG 125 design is its functionality in Pakistani traffic. It is able to make its way between traffic-loaded areas and help commuters reach their destinations quickly.

Honda CG125


Honda CG 125 has a powerful 125cc, 4-stroke air-cooled engine that produces a horsepower of 11 @8,000 rpm and a Torque of 9.5 Nm @ 6,500 rpm. The engine is built of high quality which helps in providing impressive mileage. Moreover, it is built to last in all circumstances. So, the engine stays reliable in all terrains and climates without affecting the performance. Therefore, the riders enjoy a smooth ride with Honda CG 125.


Reasons to buy Honda CG 125

The best thing about buying Honda CG 125 is easy maintenance. It has a simple design and does not contain any complicated mechanisms. So, it is easy to maintain anywhere in Pakistan. As the majority of mechanics in Pakistan are not educated or professionally trained, they can easily understand the problems in Honda CG 125 and repair them. So, the owners don’t have to spend hefty amounts on complicated mechanical procedures. Furthermore, the spare parts are also easily available in the market so the owners do not have to worry about their bikes getting damaged.

Honda CD 70 and CG 125 Prices to Go Up in May 2023

No Competition

Honda CG 125 is one of its kind in the category of 125cc engine bikes. In Pakistan, there are cheaper alternatives from United or Road Prince, but their performance cannot compete with Honda CG 125. Moreover, they have a low resale value and are less durable. However, the other well-known companies are Suzuki and Yamaha. They are also not a competition to Honda CG 125 because of their price. Honda CG 125 is one of its kind in the price range of Rs. 2 lacs in Pakistan. The other alternatives for 125cc engine bikes exceed Rs 3. lacs. So, Honda CG 125 has created its monopoly in the market because of being economical and durable at the same time.

High Resale Value

Up till now, you might have understood why there is a high demand for Honda CG 125. So, one of the reasons to buy Honda CG 125 is its high resale value. Because the demand is high, people prefer to buy used Honda CG 125 at a good price range. So, the owners follow a regular Honda CG 125 maintenance guide to keep it in good shape, they can have a better return at the time of sale.

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