Tips for Maintaining your Honda CD 70 or Honda CG 125

Bikes in PakistanTips for Maintaining your Honda CD 70 or Honda CG 125

tips for maintaining Honda CD 70 or Honda 125

Honda CD 70 and Honda CG 125 are the most dominating bikes on the road in Pakistan. These bikes are manufactured by Atlas Honda which is the king in manufacturing automobiles in Pakistan. These bikes are used for commuting purposes by the masses which put them at risk of wear and tear. Therefore, it is vital for the riders to maintain their bikes properly. Here are some of the tips for maintaining Honda CD 70 or Honda CG 125. 

Tips for maintaining your Honda CD 70 or Honda 125

If you have a used bike or a new one, you have to treat your bike just like a new one. Because if you don’t treat your bike well then the bike will not be able to go on the road, cannot take much weight, and the fuel average will be gross.

Everybody has their taste in customization and some different opinions on maintenance. Everybody will tell you different things, some will say that go to this mechanic or that mechanic but the main thing that you have to do is ignore all the opinions and advice and take your bike to the official dealership because they have professional staff working for only those models with proper tools and equipment.

Important tips for your bike 

Check Tire Pressure 

tips for maintaining Honda CD 70 or Honda 125

Always check your tire pressure before leaving so that you can have a comfy and stable ride. If the tire pressure of your bike is low you will not enjoy the ride which also affects the handling.

Lubricant and Oil 

Lubricating or oiling your bike is very important. After every wash, you have to lubricate your chain to make the movement smooth and the lubricant helps to make your bike rust-proof.

Chain Tension 

tips for maintaining Honda CD 70 or Honda 125

The chain does an important role in the movement of your bike. If the chain fitting is loose then the chain will bubble all around its place which can damage the bike.

Washing Regularly 

tips for maintaining Honda CD 70 or Honda 125

Cleaning or washing regularly is a basic need for your bike. Washing your bike makes it look stunning, and helps clean all the clogged holes and clear coated sand on various parts.

Petrol Quality 

Always remember to put high-quality and clean petrol into your bike. You can also go with High Octane once every week.

Maintenance and Tunning 

Maintaining the engine like tunning and oil changing every 700 to 800 KM to improve the engine’s durability and help increase mileage. 

By keeping these easy tips for maintaining Honda Cd 70 or Honda CG 125, you can increase the life span of your bikes and make them last unexpectedly longer. Also check out Honda CD 70 vs Honda CG 125

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