5 Medical Tests You Need to Get before Marriage

Health5 Medical Tests You Need to Get before Marriage

Marriage is a big commitment. A lot of people give a substantial thought to its emotional repercussions but there are not many who understand its practical implications. Marriage is a lifetime promise and that not only means emotional burden of living with another person but it also means sharing life’s big decisions such as having kids.


Since marriage has such big practical implications, it is important to plan ahead and calculate all the risks wisely. One of the most important risks that you need to analyze is the health of the other person as well as yours. In this article, we are discussing this very issue by pointing out five important medical tests that you need to get before entering into the institution of marriage.


The first test that you and your partner should get before getting married is for HIV/AIDS. AIDS is a lifelong incurable disease and no partner is worthy enough to ignore such a big risk. You should both get this test even if there are no symptoms since HIV does not present any symptoms early on. People sometimes think that only sexual contact brings in HIV/AIDS which is obviously not true. Contaminated needles are one of the main reasons of HIV perpetuance. You should thus get this test even if you are not sexually active before marriage from an authentic medical lab.

  1. Fertility

Having a family is probably the most important thing that people expect out of a marriage. You and your partner should both take a fertility test before marriage to check if both of you are capable of having children before committing to a lifelong partnership.

  1. Rhesus Factor


Rhesus factor or blood group compatibility is another test which is associated with having children. Women who have a negative rhesus factor blood group are very likely to face rhesus incompatibility if married to a positive rhesus man. Rhesus incompatibilities can become a big problem in pregnancy and can thus cause very serious marital problems.

  1. Chronic Medical conditions

Just like a marriage, chronic medical conditions are also lifelong and require commitment and devotion which no one should have to bear without proper awareness. It is thus a good idea to get checked for chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, hepatitis, syphilis and herpes.

  1. STD Panel

An STD panel test is the one that every couple should go through before making any commitments since sexually transmitted diseases not only are generally incurable but can also decrease the chances of acquiring another partner if things go south.

All of the above-mentioned tests are absolutely necessary before going through with a marriage. You should just make sure that you choose the most accurate laboratory to do so.



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