5 Highly Recommended Ways to Gain Weight Naturally

Ways to gain weight


Do you feel embarrassed because of your skinny physique? Does everyone call you weak? Do you feel that no dress suits you perfectly? Or, have you ever caught yourself admiring other people and degrading your appearance? You do not need to worry anymore because we have some amazing ways to gain weight that will help you a lot. 

5 Ways To Gain Weight Naturally

Banana Shake

Ways to gain weight

Add 2 bananas to a glass of milk. Add sugar as per your taste and blend it properly. You can drink this shake two times a day, preferably in the morning and evening. Banana will help to add to your weight and give you other health benefits like healthy calories, potassium, and other vitamins. 


Ways to gain weight

Who doesn’t love chocolates? The perk of this love is that it can help you in gaining weight. We skinny people can eat as much chocolate as we want or add it to some recipes like shakes, icecreams, brownies, cakes, etc. Dark Chocolate is a better option for those looking for a healthier weight gain.

Red Meat

In red meat, including beef and mutton, the content of protein and healthy fats is very high. This helps you in building muscles and increasing weight. It is high in Iron and provides additional nutrients B12 which helps build DNA and RBCs. all of these nutrients will build up healthy muscles in your body. So, say bye to the boney structure with the intake of red meat.

Protein Supplements

Those who always run away from food can switch to the alternate solution for weight gain. The option is to add protein supplements to your routine. This is an easy way to put on weight. But, always take these supplements after consultation with your physician. 


Ways to gain weight

Avocado contains healthy fats, calories, and is rich in nutrients that help you in gaining weight. It contains almost 20 times more fats-soluble phytosterol. It is not easily available in Pakistan but if you find it, then it is a miracle food in gaining weight. 

Summing up, the best ways to gain weight is to take a proper diet, 8 to 9 hours nap, and keep stress at bay. 


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