4 Tips to Boost Your Kinesthetic Intelligence


Human intelligence is not limited to one kind, there are multiple types of it. Kinesthetic intelligence is also one of these types and an important one. It refers to the ability of a person to use their body in a precise manner in pursuit of personal goals. The people with higher kinesthetic intelligence are not only good at sports but are at lower risk of sustaining injuries.

These people also enjoy better physical health and are also fast runners. Thus, kinesthetic intelligence is something which should not be ignored at all. Even though children have a better capacity of improving their kinesthetic intelligence, it is never too late for adults as well. In this article, we are listing down four tips that can help you boost your kinesthetic intelligence.

  1. Throw and Catch

The simplest way to develop your kinesthetic intelligence is playing throw and catch in your leisure time. This simple game might seem like a waste of time to you and might not make any sense but it actually helps in improving hand to eye coordination. You can mix it up by bringing variation in the distance between you and your partner and by changing the type of ball with which you are playing.

  1. Running

Running is the best way to develop kinesthetic intelligence when it comes to muscle memory of your legs and feet. Most of the time injuries are sustained when we slip while walking on an unfamiliar path. This would not happen if you run on a daily basis and also keep changing the type of running track because your feet will adapt to stepping on different types of tracks and your overall movement will also be improved.

  1. Obstacle Course

The next level for runners is an obstacle course. Obstacle courses are important for kinesthetic intelligence regarding the muscles of the whole body. While running helps your feet adapt to moving quickly, obstacle courses helps your thigh and calf muscles to variate between different styles of movements.

  1. Balancing

The act of balancing one’s body is probably the best way to become more kinesthetically intelligent. Balancing acts are more about precision rather than speed thus they provide a person with unique opportunities to be aware of different muscles in their bodies. As a result, these people are able to use their body in a superior fashion. Gymnasts are an example of extraordinary balancers. If you are looking for some beginner level balancing start with Yoga poses such as the shoulder stand and the head stand.

This article has been written with the general public in mind. It neither caters for people with chronic injuries nor is it a lesson in physiotherapy. It is only valid for people who are healthy but are looking to increase their strength. If you have some actual physical and muscular condition, you should see a physiotherapist as soon as possible.


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