4 Habits that Can Lead to Memory Loss

Memory is probably the most valuable tool that humans have for processing information around them. Without memory, we will not be able to retain any information. We will not be able to sustain any professional or personal relationships. Brain is the hub of memory and our memory ii in fact not more than neural connections which shoot every time we try to recall something.

Although some memory loss is a part of aging but sometimes poor lifestyle choices can also impact the memory in a negative manner. In this article, we are listing down four bad habits that can damage your memory.

  1. High fat diet

Many neurologists are of the view that a high fat diet can be damaging to memory and the latest research supports this claim as well. Foods which are high in fat content cause the brain to age faster impacting its storing and recalling ability. This discovery was made by a recent study published in NBC Washington. Although the study was performed on rodents, scientists are of the view that it is highly likely that the human brain responds in the same way to a high fat diet.

  1. Smoking

Many health issues related to smoking, such as coronary artery disease and lung cancer are highlighted in the media every day. A neurologist however will tell you that your memory is especially impacted by your habit of smoking. Smoking cigarettes causes a release of nicotine in the blood. Nicotine is known to block oxygen from the brain and that ultimately leads to memory blocking.

  1. Sleeplessness

A tight sleep schedule is as important for your body as is a healthy diet. Sleep is especially essential if you want to keep your memory working on a normal pace. When you go to sleep, the brain sets the time to recharge.

This recharging not only relaxes your body but also makes new neural connections to store all the data that your senses have collected throughout the day. Sleeplessness not only stops this neural recharging time but also leads to dead neural connections in the brain leading to memory loss. Any neurologist will tell you to correct your sleep schedule if you are having forgetfulness instances.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol intoxication has almost the same impacts on your memory but worse. Alcohol not only kills neural connections in your brain but also leads to hormonal imbalances leading to depression and anxiety which worsens the memory even further.

This article is written with general audience in mind. It does not take into account people who are already suffering from memory issues. These tips are unlikely to help them. For such people a consultation with a neurologist is highly recommended.


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