4 Eating Habits that Might be Damaging Your Stomach

Stomach is an essential part of the digestive system. It produces digestive enzymes which break down the food before it can be excreted through the intestines. A properly functioning stomach is necessary to keep the human body going, otherwise acids will be produced disturbing the whole process of digestion.

According to many stomach specialist, bad eating habits are the culprits of most stomach diseases. It is thus important to be aware of the eating habits that can create these problems. In this article, we are addressing this very issue by listing down habits that can damage your stomach.

  1. Irregular Eating Patterns

Many gastroenterologists recommend eating meals on fixed schedule. This advice is not for the sake of routine in life but it is actually important to follow if you want to keep your stomach healthy. The stomach is programmed in a way that it can process food in the best possible on a schedule. If the stomach is empty for a long time, it starts producing acids which in turn eat up stomach’s own mucous membrane. As a result, this food processing machine slows down leading to acidity.

  1. Eating without paying attention

A lot of times, it is said that one should eat in a mindful way.  This phrase is often used in the context of weight loss and eating disorders. One thing that is not known is that it is beneficial for the stomach.

Many stomach specialists are of the view that when a person eats in front of the television or any other device, a lot of energy goes into processing the information being consumes. As a result, the stomach which has to consume food does not get enough blood supply and dysfunction happens.

  1. Sizzling food

It is good to enjoy a sizzling plate of food occasionally but frequent consumption of hot food can actually damage your stomach. The lining of the stomach is very weak and the hot food tends to damage it. Many stomach specialists thus recommend avoiding foods which are hotter than 50 degrees.

  1. Soaked rice

Rice soaked in broth are a favorite for a lot of people but what they do not realize is that they damage their stomach in the process of digesting them. According to stomach specialists, soaked rice enhances the burden on the stomach and it takes longer time to process them. Not only this, soaked rice also has a tendency to trigger hypersalivation which slows down the nutritional absorption process.


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