11th Generation Honda Civic Is OFFICIALLY Launched!

Honda Civic 11th generation is finally launched in North America. Find out the details of the new Civic below:

We broke the news of the 11th generation Honda Civic coming out of the curtains a few days ago. The wait is now over as the company has finally unveiled and launched the 11th generation Honda Civic. To give you an overview, the new Honda Civic (as launched in North America) is designed with a focus on human nature. This means that there will be no more complications for the drivers to understand the “how it works” part of the car. Although the car will take almost a year to arrive in the local market, we will talk about the highlights of design and performance to give you an idea of what’s coming next.


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11th Generation Honda Civic – What’s Changed?

11th generation Honda Civic LAUCNHED

The new Honda Civic XI comes in a simple and elegant design. As compared to Civic X, the 11th generation has a flat and straight bonnet with clear visibility space for the driver. It is important to know that the Honda Civic sedan follows a global standard of design across all regions. This means that the new sedan will have the same design as launched in America. While this may be true, the features and options vary for each region.


The 11th generation Civic takes inspiration from all the previous generations of the sedan. As per Honda, the new design is “Thin & Light”. This means that you can find a similar design language as observed in Honda Accord. The front and back represent a fine design with no extra trim cuts. If you missed the mature look and feel in Civic X, the 11th generation Civic may fulfill your unfulfilled Honda dream. Honda has finally said goodbye to the C-shaped taillights.

11th generation Honda Civic LAUCNHED

If we talk about the rear glass, it slopes down to the trunk’s edge as observed in the previous model. The new model has a unique design of slim LED lights that matches the front headlights. Moreover, there is a new rear bumper and elongated slim reflectors on the upper edge. Furthermore, it also has a new blacked-out exhaust outlet in the bumper, giving it an overall premium and sporty look.

Interior – “Man Maximum/Machine Minimum”

Honda has played really wise this time. By following “Man Maximum/Machine Minimum”, Honda is most likely going to capture even a larger market as compared to the previous generation. The overall interior design is highly simplistic yet premium in quality. The continuous mesh design of a rectangular honeycombed trim represents continuity in the middle and hides the air vents behind it. This simple design allows the driver to keep away from all the distractions within the cabin space.

11th generation Honda Civic LAUCNHED 11th generation Honda Civic LAUCNHED 11th generation Honda Civic LAUCNHED

If we talk about the entertainment cluster, Honda has introduced a rectangular infotainment cluster (7-inch for the base variant and 9-inch for the top variant).

If we take about air conditioning, the new Civic features three-knob dual-zone climate control interface.


Surprisingly, the mechanicals of Civic carries forward the same performance configuration as followed in the previous generation but with updates and improvements. The US model of the 11th generation Honda Civic will be available with the same two engine options as on the outgoing model. A 2L Naturally aspirated engine with 158HP @65000 rpm and 187NM of torque @4200 rpm.

On the flip side, the other engine option features the same 1.5 Turbocharged engine but with an increased horsepower of 180 @6000 rpm while torque figures are also increased to 240NM and available between 1,700-4,500 rpm. It is important to mention that both engines offer a 3 Mode Drive System, which includes ECON, Normal & Sport.

Launch In Pakistan

As of now, the sales of the 11th generation Civic are starting for North American customers in the summer of this year. While this may be true, the new Civic will arrive in the Asian region around the end of this year and by the beginning of 2022.

In Pakistan, it is safe to assume that the upcoming Honda Civic will arrive somewhere in the mid of 2022.

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