10 Places You Must Visit in Swat Valley of Pakistan

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places to see or visit in Swat Valley Pakistan


Swat valley is the hub of some of the most scenic tourist sites in Pakistan. People visit Swat throughout the year due to its attractive weather and appealing tourism ventures. Since we are entering summer, we have gathered a few attractive spots you should visit while you are in Swat. These 10 Places are a must-visit in Swat in 2019 & 2020 especially in winters because Pakistan is a land of beauty and Swat is the proof of this statement. It has magnificent landscapes and one can see the red hut cottages even from a long distance. Swat Tour is full of amazement at every step and the dense deep forest takes the tourists in its arms while welcoming them to heaven on earth

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Swat Valley

The snowy mountains of Mankial and Flaksair add up to the beautiful scenery, each region of Swat is so captivating for the tourist just like the Swat falls in the province Khyber Phatunkhawn of Pakistan.

If you are planning to visit Swat, here we have a list of the top 10 must-visit spots. Make sure to have a good time so that you can explore the beauty of Pakistan extensively.

  1. Kalam Valley
  2. Kumrat Valley
  3. Madyan
  4. Bahrain
  5. Marghazar
  6. Saidu Sharif
  7. Mahodand Lake
  8. MalamJabba
  9. Fizaghat
  10. Kundol Lake


Kalam Valley

One of the most mesmerizing and prominent spots of Swat is the Kalam Valley which is located at the distance of 99 km away from the Swat Valley. The river of Swat encompasses the whole valley along with the richly green hills. The Kalam Valley is known as the most visited tourist spot and people from all over Pakistan and even abroad come here throughout the year. Some of the notable places to visit within Kalam areMatiltan, UshioUsho, Utror, and Gabral, each has its significance. The cool and pleasant weather of these locations makes a perfect combination for the tourist. The best time to visit Kalam valley is from April to September and winters can be harshly chilly here.


Kumrat Valley

TOp 10 places to visit in Swat

Next on the list is the Kumrat Valley, which is almost 9 hours’ drive from the capital city Islamabad and one hour drive from Swat. Kumrat Valley falls in the Upper Dir District, just opposite to the Gabral presenting the fascinating scenery around. Moreover, streams and waterfalls are abundant here. If you are adventure loving person then this spot is an ideal location for base camping but if you are not comfortable with camping then there are some resorts and hotel after 3 hours trekking down the town. Every night in Kumrat Valley welcomes the tourists with an enchanting view of the sky and one cannot skip even a second while gazing it for long. If you have been stressed out due to the office routine and want a relaxation therapy, plan to visit this serene spot. Do Kala Chashma Lake, Jahaz Banda, Jandrai, trek to Katora Lake, Kalkot Banda, Badagoi Pass are some of the most visited places of Kumrat.


Madyan is one of the most popular hill stations of Swat. While roaming around Swat, the tourists experience something out of the world which makes them feel owned by the valley. When it comes to Madyan, it is that hill station that makes one enjoy the actual glamour of Swat River. Tourists love to visit Madyan because of the special treat of trout fish offered at the spot where you inhale freshness.


Top 10 places to visit in Swat

Bahrain is another riverside hill station. This region has been named as Bahrain because it is the point where two different rivers meet. It is a busy area with a good number of tourists visiting it all around the year. There are several hotels for the tourists so there is no problem regarding stay. One can enjoy the charm of the night and the cool breeze of Daral and Swat Rivers. Moreover, it also serves as a base camp for the trail leading to the Daral&Saidgai lakes.


Top 10 places to visit in Swat

While traveling through the Swat valley, you will come across the famous Marghuzar which is a small village of Swat. Marghuzar holds great significance historically specifically because of White Marble Palace, a residence of the Royal family of Swat. In the early 1940s, Wali-e-Swat Jahanzeb built this palace. When the snow falls here, the white beauty all around makes one feel like having stay in the clouds while forgetting all the harsh realities of life.

Saidu Sharif

Top 10 places to visit in Swat

Saidu Sharif is the administrative center of Swat providing all the conveniences for the locals as well as for the tourists. This city was named after the prominent leader, Saidu Baba. Moreover, this wonderful city offers many archaeological sites along with Royal Palace, Tomb of Saidu Sharif with the Swat Museum, etc. Swat Museum exhibits different Buddhist Statues along with the rich antiques of Gandhara art. Moreover, this region has airport offering flights from the capital city Islamabad to Saidu Sharif.

Mahudand Lake

Top 10 places to visit in Swat

Mahudand Lake is one of the most fascinating and must-visit places of Swat. It is located in Usho Valley of Kalam. The gigantic Hindu Kush peaks present a complete backdrop with green meadows for camping. The best time to visit the lake is of midsummer as it turns frozen in winter and the tourists may face trouble due to road blockage.

Malam Jabba

Top 10 places to visit in Swat

Malam Jabba is an exclusive ski resort in Pakistan which is located at the distance of 314 Km away from Islamabad and 51 km from Saidu Sharif Airport. It is known as the most famous hill station of Swat Valley alongside Hindu Kush Mountain Range. Moreover, the road to MalamJabba is beautifully constructed into curves and the adventure lovers visit the spot to enjoy skiing on a thick snowy carpet. It is considered as a classic place to enhance the tourism business in Pakistan and offers all sorts of facilities for winter sporting.


Top 10 places to visit in Swat

Fizaghat Park is the favourite tourist point where you can enjoy a variety of scrumptious traditional food along with the pleasant climate. It is located in the town of Mingora, almost 3.6 Km away. The gushing water of Swat River with and the cool serene breeze makes this visit like a dream come true experience.

Kundol Lake

Top 10 places to visit in Swat

In the lap of enormous Hindu Kush Mountains, there lies a beautiful lake of Kundol that magnetically invites hundreds and thousands of tourists all around the year. You can have a unique combination of white and green surroundings made of the lush green forests and snowflakes. It is located in the north of Utror Valley. If you want to enjoy here in pleasant weather, you should visit in summers as it is the best time to enjoy fishing and boating.

Why you should Visit Swat?

Swat valley is rich with amazing landscapes and once this area was among the conflicted areas and now the locals are trying their best to focus on Tourism and restore the trust for domestic tourism.

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This article has been updated on 16/03/2023.

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