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Top 10 Tourist attractions of Azad Kashmir

Are you looking planing ti visit in Azad Kashmir in 2019 or 2020? Let us give you our insights for Azad Kashmir.  Pakistan is naturally rich in beauty region and there are a number of tourist spots to explore here. The more you travel around Pakistan, the greater you fall in love with the natural beauty on the way. Such a mesmerizing spot to visit while touring across the country is Azad Kashmir.

You might have heard that people call Azad Kashmir as the paradise on the land of Pakistan and believe you me, it is not merely something randomly spoken but the land of utmost beauty is here to prove it. The lush green surroundings and the serene landscape welcome a large number of tourists every year from all over the world. If you are nature loving person and want to experience something out of the world, don’t take even a minute to think, just pack up for the tour to the heavenly land of Azad Kashmir.


Azad Kashmir is a tourist spot all in all covered with the vibrant green valleys and you cannot take your eyes off even for a second as the enchanting scenery makes you leave all the stress behind. It is a place of waterfalls, abundant lakes and wildlife.

Here is a list of top 10 tourist destination or must visit places of Azad Kashmir for tourists

1. Neelum Valley

top 10 places to visit in Azad Kashmir

Neelum valley is considered as one of the most beautiful places on earth. If we call it ‘Heaven of Earth’, it would not be wrong. It is situated in the heart of the land of fantasies, Azad Kashmir. For me, visiting this spot was like dream come true thing. I can’t forget each and every aspect of beauty this land portrayed like a painting in front of my eyes. The cool breeze blowing through the lush green mountains… I can still feel it rubbing my cheeks. After visiting this spot, I came to realize about the fact that why people are so much passionate to come here.

Looking into the geographical details of this land, it is a bow shaped region 144 km long through which the crystal clear water of Neelum River flows.

Neelum Valley has many suburbs and small town villages, lakes, trekking drags, mountain passes and other sorts of grand highlights which find it among remarkable tourist attractions. And one of the most important fact is that Neelum valley is an amazing tourist attraction and a must place to see in Azad Kashmir

2. Rawalakot

top 10 places to visit in AJK

A famous town in Azad Kashmir which is also known to be a district headquarter of Poonch. Rawalakot – a fascinating valley amid high hills, located about 80 kilometers away from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Since it is only 80 km, it surely means you can easily reach the area and make the most of it. Being a northern area, the winter season treats everyone harsh here so it is always advised to visit this spot in summer for an exploratory experience. Summer season unfolds the entrancing beauty of Rawalakot. While travelling around this area, you must visit the famous tourist attractions of Tatta Pani, Sudhngalli and Toli Pir located here.

3. Banjosa Lake

tourist attractions of Azad Kashmir

This is ideally the area exhibiting a significant amount of greenery all around. Green is the colour which gives you peace and makes your mind feel refreshing. Beautiful scenery of glittery water lake surrounded by tall trees is not less than a treat for eyes. You usually require heading out there in summer due to a hospitable weather, since temperature hardly exceeds 25°C. As warm as summer gets, winter is sternly cooler, while snowfall sheaths it all around.

4. Jhelum Valley

top 10 places to visit in Azad Kashmir

Jhelum Valley is known as the region of hospitality for domestic and international tourists, gathering all around in summer. A wonderful view of the curling river passing from East to West amid the gigantic mountains seems so mesmerizing to the visitors. Leepa Valley in Jhelum is one of the popular tourist attractions people like to visit.

If you plan to visit in summer, ripened rice fields boast their fragility in full swing and stylish wooden houses of inhabitants showcase a picturesque view. Another speciality of this valley is a cherry with such a sweet taste that you would have never tasted before and walnut is another precious and delicious treat.

5. Ramkot Fort

top 10 places to visit in Azad Kashmir

This astonishing land comes on an ascending, bordered by River Jehlum. Ramkot Fort signifies of a contemporary Muslim military design of buildings. The background of this fort belongs to 5th and 9th centuries which left behind its remnants, discovered and removed by Muslim leaders during the 17th century. This is an ideal spot to visit for the ones who are passionate about exploring historically significant places in Pakistan and a place you must visit in Azad Kashmir

6. Toli Pir

Places to visit in Azad Kashmir in Winters


When you are having a treat for your all senses more than you think of, here is another spot to take you out of the world and it has all sorts of greenery around which portrays a serene view for the visitors. A famous peak that you will find your way about if you head to Rawalkot, or if you are not aware of it, you will learn about it while your stay in Rawalkot. This peak is located 8800′ above sea level, which makes you feel like you are on top of everything. The best time to visit this spot is the spring season when the climate is quite favourable. The rest of the months it is just chilling due to its high altitude.

7. Pir Chinasi AJKtop 10 places to visit in Azad Kashmir

Pir Chinasi is situated in the capital of Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarabad. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Pakistan. Pir Chinsai is an astonishing spot to explore which takes you all the way through the twists and turns to the snowy peak in winters. The road towards Pir Chinasi is somewhat tricky to travel through but if you are adventurous, it would add up to the best memories of your tour to Azad Kashmir. Its history would introduce you to Hazrat Shah Hussain – a Saint of Greater Kashmir, whose Shrine is basically located in this area.

8. Leepa Valley Azad Kashmir

Places to see in AJK

While entering this valley, it would be difficult for you to believe that this piece of natural beauty is located in Pakistan. The Leepa Valley definitely uplifts the value of Azad Kashmir as one of the top tourist attractions in Pakistan. This spot is worthy to visit in May to November in a most welcoming climate you can find in Azad Kashmir. Approaching in the area are high mountains and tall pine trees, this area is easily accessible from Muzaffarabad. There are also many facilities of commuting in local jeeps that operate from after you cross Reshian.

9. Red Fort

top 10 places to visit in Azad Kashmir

It is known to be one of the forts in Pakistan you must visit. This fort is an amazing spot for archaeologists and travel enthusiasts who like to explore in the history of this region.

You might think of it as a ruin now, but it has withstood many disasters and is in need of improvement. Moreover, this area is a marvellous work of art. It is also known as Muzaffarabad Fort. This location is a popular heritage site of Azad Kashmir which has welcomed many foreign tourists as well.

10. Shounter Lake Azad Kashmir

Shounter Lake AJK

Shounter Lake is such a stunning piece of nature which should be visited during May to August when the climate is humble and the facilities provided to reach here are exclusive. You can easily board a Jeep from Kel, Neelum Valley.

If you are fond of camping, do not hesitate because many tourists also seem to find it as a perfect camping spot. Though it is a small spot to visit but the sight is worthy to watch as it can complete the package of serenity after travelling and exploring around Azad Kashmir. So what are you waiting for? Pack up you bags, make some friends join you for the tour and here you go for the fascinating journey to the heaven of Pakistan.

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