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Zong Internet Packages – All You Need to Know!

zong internet packages

Zong is one of those mobile connection companies in Pakistan which got amazing popularity right after stepping into the market. The basic attraction of this connection was basically low price zong internet packages with which every second person was in a position to keep the mobile phone active every time, no matter how the financial situation would have been.

With the passage of time, Zong became the first-ever network to test 5G internet in Pakistan after introducing 4G internet, which turned out as a huge success for the company. That’s the reason now for everyone using Zong Internet Packages across Pakistan in order to stay in touch with the world without any disturbance in signals.

Zong’s downloading speed is amazingly fast and users mostly use it for internet services following the same reason. Whether it is about downloading and watching movies, seasons, shows, games, songs, or even merely about staying connected to your loved ones anywhere in the world, Zong has proved itself to be the best among the rest.

In order to explore its packages further, here we have gathered all the details for all of you so that you can easily access and subscribe to the suitable offers as per the usage. Check out the details below!

Zong Daily Internet Packages

In case if your usage changes on daily basis and you don’t want to waste money with the subscription of long term internet package, you can opt for Zong’s Daily Internet Packages formulated according to the requirement of users. The details are as follows:


Dial *6464# for bundle activation, or visit the Zong website for package activation.

Daily BasicRs. 17100MB1 Day
Daily Data MaxRs. 380.5GB Data+0.5GB YouTube1 Day
Daytime OfferRs. 161200MBApplicable from 4am-7pm
Good Night OfferRs. 162500MBApplicable from 1am-9am


I usually go with Zong’s All in 1 Daily package which costs me only Rs. 20 and serves the purpose well by providing me 40 MB, 40 on-net, 4 off-net minutes, and 400 SMS for a day. It is comfortable for the ones who have excessive use of internet per day. The daily packages can help you in a way that you can plan the choice of subscription according to your per day usage.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

If you are willing to take your internet packages with convenience up to one week’s time, then you must check on Zong’s Weekly Internet Packages. All of the deals in this package have been formulated as per the users’ ease in all aspects. Check out the details in the following table!


Dial *6464# for bundle activation, or visit the Zong website for package activation.

Super WeeklyRs.1232.5 GB7 Days
Super Weekly PlusRs.1717 GB7 Days
Super Weekly MaxRs.22330GB [10GB + 5GB (4am – 4pm)+ 15GB Data for YouTube]7 Days


If your usage for the whole week is moderate, then you can subscribe to the Super Weekly offer in Rs. 120 with 2.5 GB internet. If the usage is excessive, you can choose Super Weekly Plus offering 5 GB internet in just Rs. 160. The rest of the packages are also designed as per the expected requirement of a user.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

If you are troubled to take the worry on your mind about subscribing to the internet packages every day or even every week, here Zong has brought you the ultimate comfort. You can now simply subscribe to any suitable internet package right at the start of a month and can spend a whole 30 days in peace without any tension of again subscribing to the packages. The practice will be done at the beginning of every month. Check out the details below!


Dial *6464# for bundle activation, or visit the Zong website for package activation.

Monthly Mini 150Rs.50150 MB30 Days
Monthly Mini 500Rs.150500 MB30 Days
Monthly Premium 5GBRs.3725 GB30 Days
Monthly Premium 30GBRs.74415GB+ 15GB (YouTube and TikTok)30 Days


In the monthly internet packages, you can go with Monthly Mini 150 which offers 150 MB internet for Rs. 50 in case you don’t use the internet frequently in a month. If the usage is slightly more than that then you can pick up the Monthly Basic 500 offering 500 MB for Rs. 150 only. Moreover, Zong offers two options in the premium packages i.e. Monthly Premium 3 GB and Monthly Premium 12 GB. The first package is for Rs. 300 whereas the other one is for Rs. 717. Apart from that, you can also enjoy monthly internet with Zong Super Card offering 2000 MB, 2000 on-net, 150 off-net minutes, 2000 SMS, 2 GB for WhatsApp in only Rs. 499. Nothing can be better than this mega offer! So check out the details and subscribe to the suitable package as per your requirement.

Zong Content Bundles

Dial *6464# for bundle activation, or visit the Zong website for package activation.

Social PackRs.10100MB1 Day
Classified Pack (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels & Carmudi)Rs.550MB1 Day
Offer Free FacebookRs.550MB1 Day


Here are all of Zong internet packages, subscribe to them, and enjoy the fastest internet in Pakistan.

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