Zong has fastest 3G while Jazz topped in 4G speeds in Pakistan, PTA Survey tells

In 2018, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) conducted quarterly surveys in 27 cities across Pakistan to monitor the quality of service being provided by the telecom operators in Pakistan.

All the telcos were ranked on various metrics for performance in data, voice, and SMS.

Here’s how they performed:


Zong had the fastest 3G while Jazz topped the charts for 4G speeds in 2018 in Pakistan.

User data throughput (3G)

User data throughput (4G)


Service Accessibility

Ufone led with a network availability of 99.90% while Telenor was last among the major telcos with a network availability of 98.98%.

Grade of service

Have you ever tried using the services provided by your cell service provider and been unable to, despite the network indicator showing signals are available? That’s called network blocking and grade of service measures exactly that.

Ufone had the best grade of service with a score of 0.10% while Telenor was last with 1.02%.

Call completion ratio

End to end speech quality

Zong had the best clarity of voice (as perceived by a listener) and Telenor had the worst.

Session abnormal release rate

This metric measures how often users abnormally lose connection. Telenor was last with a 1.64% drop rate while Ufone was first with only 0.30% dropped rate.


SMS success rate

End to end SMS delivery time

Ufone took the most time to deliver an SMS while Zong took the least.

For a more detailed look at how each telco performed in PTA’s quality of service survey and how the regulating body defined each metric, you can check out the full report here.

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