Zara Noor, Ahmed Ali Akbar Caught on Camera Dancing Together!

A video is going viral on Instagram in which the camera has caught Zara Noor and Ahmed Ali Akbar dancing.


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Something is cooking as we can hope to see a new project soon starring Zara Noor Abbas and Ahmed Ali Akbar. How we came to know that? Well… a video has been going viral on Instagram in which the camera has caught Zara Noor and Ahmed Ali Akbar dancing with all fun. We know that Zara is an amazingly entertaining actress, as she has done an excellent job specifically in Ehd-e-Wafa. Similarly, Ahmed Ali Akbar is an award-winning international actor in our industry who is fantastic. What is all about their dance video, though? Here we have got the details and the most entertaining video!

Zara Noor & Ahmed Spice Up the Moments with Amazing Dance!


This video seems to be of a makeup room or somewhere back the stage where actors are usually relaxing away from the camera. Zara can be seen dressed up in a light, fancy dress trying to dance in front of the mirror. Then, Ahmed makes an entry while winking to the camera as if it is a planned capturing session.


Zara asks Ahmed to practice dance moves with her, and he is all in the fun mood taking the practice non-serious. She attempts again to convince Ahmed for dance when the session goes well; however, the ending was also a fun element from Ahmed’s side. So, on the whole, there was not a single moment when Ahmed practiced out of entertainment.

What more can we put into words about this fantastic performance? Why not all of you take a look at this video yourself? Watch it now and enjoy the moments!

When Zara Noticed Camera Capturing the Moments…!

As you can see in the video that when Zara noticed suddenly about a secret camera capturing this dance practice, she ran to cover the lens up. The moment turned into a prank by Ahmed Ali for Zara Noor, and everyone present at the scene enjoyed it.

We don’t have any reports about what is coming up for the fans like is it a film or a drama, but yes… we do know a little bit!

The name of this project is “More Se Zyada Drama” however; it is not sure if it is really a drama or a movie. Do you have any guesses? Please share your thoughts with us about this upcoming project.

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