Zaid Ali Accident Story In His Own Words

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Zaid Ali Accident

A couple of weeks ago, Zaid Ali made an Instagram post regarding his head injury. The post was related to Zaid Ali accident and a severe head injury. He remained away from his social media for the time being until he informed his fans about the accident. However, the fans could not get many details about the incident. So, he finally decided to narrate the story after his blessed recovery.

Zaid Ali Accident News

As soon as he got in a somewhat better condition to inform his followers about his disappearance, he posted the following Instagram story.

Zaid Ali accident

Details Vlog

After millions of prayers and proper medical treatment, Zaid recovered from his injury. The followers remained in confusion and tension about how he got into such a serious condition. To reply to all the concerns he made a Vlog on YouTube titled “What Happened To Me?”. In that Vlog, he narrated everything that he went through.

Zaid Ali Accident

He told that it was not a car accident but a jet ski accident that he tried for the first time. This is what he said about his accident, “It was my first time experiencing jet skiing. I was totally unaware of how to operate the things and I wasn’t given proper instructions. I and Yumna were just skiing and heading back to the shore at the speed of 100km/h when immediately we hit a wave and the jet ski went up in the sky. As soon as the jet hit back at the ground, my head hit the front handle of the jet ski. I just fainted at the moment.”

“I don’t remember anything after hitting my head on the handle but according to Yumna, I was screaming for help. A lifeguard drove me to the shore on his jet ski and I was shifted to the hospital immediately. When I woke up in the hospital I was having a golf ball-like swelling on my head, I could not even open my mouth properly due to the face and jaw injury. The good thing was that there was no internal bleeding and fractures in my head but I had a very big concussion and I had some craziest headaches”, added Zaid.

Concluding Words

He concluded his vlog by saying, “At this point, I realized that the greatest blessing we have in our life is our health. If we have good health, we have more than anything we need in the world and that’s what we need to be grateful for.”

Zaid Ali accident shows how important life is. Health is a blessing that we should never take for granted. He, after a severe injury, recovered with the help of prayers and treatment. We must also be very cautious about our health and safety when trying something new. Life is given to us as a blessing and we must keep it carefully.

We have a lot of time to experience new things in life but rising our life without proper knowledge is a crime. So, always be sure to try something new so you do not have to end up regretting it.

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