Yulia Tymoshenko out of jail, will go for Presidential elections of Ukraine

USA gets Yulia Tymoshenko out of jail, will place her next President of Ukraine

Yulia Tymoshenko out of jail, will go for Presidential elections of Ukraine

Kiev: Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko after her release from jail  has called on protesters not to abandon Maidan Euro– Kiev’s Independence Square, reports Dispatch News Desk.


Tymoshenko after her release reached Kiev from Kharkov and addressed protesters in central Kiev. She called for those responsible for the scores of deaths that have taken place over the past three months to be prosecuted.

“When snipers were shooting in hearts of our guys, those bullets will always hurt. If we don’t prosecute, we should be ashamed,” said the former prime minister, who earlier in the day indicated that she may run for president in May.

“Until you finish this job and until we travel all the way, nobody has the right to leave,” she added.


On Saturday, the Ukrainian Rada ruled that Tymoshenko would be freed promptly, in accordance with “international duties,”. The vote was 233 in favor of the decision.

A day earlier, 310 MPs voted to decriminalize the count under which Tymoshenko was serving her term.

Back in 2011, the court ruled that Tymoshenko exceeded her authority as prime minister of Ukraine after talks on January 19, 2009 with then-Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. It was during those talks that Tymoshenko agreed to a Ukrainian-Russian gas supply and transit deal.

According to the court, the agreement caused Ukraine’s national oil and gas company, Naftogaz, to lose around US$170 million.

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