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YouTube channels for students

It is really hard for students to understand all the concepts in class and retain them in their minds till the exams. At that crucial time, busting your head with books does not do much good. Therefore, there are a lot of YouTube channels for students that can help them a lot relate to all subjects.


Best YouTube Channels for Students

If you need any help with your homework, exams, or assignments, or want to learn a new skill, you must know YouTube channels for students that will make learning easy and fun. You can learn almost anything from youtube from chemistry to coding, art and design to literature, and the trickiest maths laws to complex law concepts. Here is a list of the best YouTube channels for students that can do wonders to ace in studies:

  • Khan Academy
  • Crash Course
  • Skill Share
  • Udemy
  • CreativeLive
  • Codecademy

Khan Academy

YouTube channels for students

It is a non-profitable learning platform which provides free education to students worldwide in a diverse range of subjects. There are videos related to concepts of computing, algebra, maths, science, arts and humanities and much more. Their method of teaching is based on short videos that provide easy yet comprehensive knowledge about all subjects.

Its website also provides practice exercises and quizzes to let students assess their knowledge. There are several channels of Khan Academy in different languages and specific to kids or different subjects. Learn anything from Khan Academy at

Crash Course

YouTube channels for students

Crash Course is one of the most valuable YouTube channels for students who want to learn more in less time. It was started by John Green and Hank Green in 2006 to help students with a range of subjects.

There are currently 45 courses available on its YouTube channel related to different subjects like history, chemistry, architecture, literature, world history, theatre, and much more. Therefore, this is an ideal channel for students belonging to all subjects. The videos are very entertaining because of the use of imagination. Moreover, the teaching pattern of the instructors is quite engaging. Watch Crash Course videos at

Skill Share

YouTube channels for students

This platform is ideal for creatives. It was established in 2009 and since then, it has been teaching creative approaches to learners about different subjects. The students can get extensive knowledge about business, finance, history, art, design, photography and much more. Skill Share helps to acquire skills independently and from the comfort of your home.

Skill Share is specific for creative learners who are into creative fields like photography, cooking, writing, decoration, music, and more. These free online courses will help you learn the skills in detail. Click to get to the channel,


YouTube channels for students

It is an online learning and teaching platform which was established in 2010. It offers high-quality YouTube videos of instructors and students who share their knowledge regarding a variety of subjects. There are also inspiring stories of the students and instructors who teach while inspiring the viewers.

This is one of the most practical YouTube channels in the world which provides courses regarding practical fields of programming and marketing that helps learners to grow in today’s economy. Moreover, the learners can also become instructors by sharing their experiences. Here is the link to Udemy,


YouTube channels for students

CreativeLive is a productive YouTube channel for students who are passionate about creative arts. If you are one of them and don’t know how to nourish your skills, CreativeLive is the platform that you need. It provides courses from scratch to develop a better understanding of the creative fields.

There are many courses regarding photography, editing, art, design, and motivation. It is the best creative learning channel that offers free courses for students who are passionate about learning new and creative fields of art.


YouTube channels for students

In this digitally competitive world, programming is a need in every field. So, Codecademy is a digital Youtube platform which teaches complete coding in an easy and simple way. It provides free coding courses in 12 different programming languages like Python, Java, Go, C++, and more. You can easily watch how-to tutorial videos about coding. The link to Codecademy’s YouTube channel is below:

These are some of the YouTube channels for students who want to learn more about their field of interest. They provide easy and understandable knowledge about various topics. So, if you have skipped any lesson in your classroom, you can compensate for that with crash courses from one of these channels.

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