Youth Business Loan Scheme

PM Youth Business Loans scheme

  1. Has the scheme been launched for whole country or some settled areas only?

  2. How can I apply?

  3. What is the eligibility criterion to apply for the loan?

  4. Is there any security, I need to place for the loan?

  5. What does guarantor means?

  6. Who could be guarantor?

  7. Do I need a guarantor to get the loan?

  8. From where I can get form of PM Youth Business Loans scheme?

  9. How much the form of scheme cost?

  10. What is the maximum and minimum amount I can apply for?

  11. What percentage of loan scheme has been allocated for female youth?

  12. Is there any age limit to become eligible to apply for the loan?

  13. What are the conditions attached with loan scheme?

  14. How much interest have to be paid?

  15. What is the tenure of scheme?

  16. Is there any quota?

  17. How much amount will be disbursed?

  18. Will there be any draw in case the number of applications for loan amount exceeds the total amount to be disbursed?

  19. When shall I have to pay my first installment?

  20. Installment shall be monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually?

  21. How the government shall ensure the amount disbursed is utilized for the same purpose for which it was disbursed?

  22. Is there any tax implications over receipt of loan? (will I have to pay tax over loan amount receive?; since the interest is subsidized and lower than the market benchmark)