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Bikes in PakistanYamaha Sportier YB125Z-DX Price in Pakistan | Bolder And Better

Yamaha Sportier YB125Z-DX price in Pakistan

As the beginning of the new year brought a unified decision from all the vehicle manufacturers. Every company announced a price hike in their existing and upcoming models. After the announcement of price hikes, they made the customers mentally prepared for what is about to come next. Yamaha Pakistan has also declared a price hike. Since that news, they have turned up to the audience for the first time to announce the launch of the Yamaha Sportier YB125Z- DX. As bikes stay reasonable and convenient on the crowded roads of Pakistan, why not they be stylish? So, take a look at the bold and better Yamaha Sportier YB125Z-DX price in Pakistan.

We cannot ignore the fact the ever-increasing prices of petrol, along with the crowded roads has made a lot of people mentally prepared to switch to motorbikes. But, for those who want to a have better version of bike, this bike is definitely for them. Yamaha bikes have a distinct style and design that makes them different and more appreciated than other bikes. So, get ready to lay your hands on this new bike with three different shades and sticker variations. Yamaha announced the launch of this new model, recently, via a Facebook post. They also updated their official website to showcase the features and design of this upcoming Yamaha Sportier YB125Z-DX. They have given all the information about the advanced technology, Technical Specifications, comfort and convenience.

Colours and Variations

Yamaha Sportier YB125Z-DX price in Pakistan Yamaha Sportier YB125Z-DX price in Pakistan


Yamaha Pakistan is offering Metallic Blue, Vivid Cocktail Red, and Metallic Black for YB125Z-DX. The next distinctive feature will be a 35W headlight. To advertise, Yamaha has added this in the interview, “Brighten up the road ahead, no matter what time of the day with the halogen headlight fitted on the YB125Z-DX!” So, no more blind alleys from now. Whether it is dead dark or dense fog, Yamaha YB125Z-DX will take you everywhere with convenience.


This new sportier bike comes in a 125cc engine air-cooled engine with a 5-speed transmission. There will be a 2-valve engine with a compression ratio of 10:1. You will get both an electric start button and kick starter handles. You can switch from electric starter to kick starter if the battery dies. Or, you can use the electric starter if you cannot put in a lot of strength in kicking.

Yamaha Sportier YB125Z-DX Price In Pakistan

So, your wait is over to know about the Yamaha Sportier YB125Z-DX price in Pakistan. You can get it for Rs. 216,500 as per the website’s information. The price is too high for the people but, once you will spend it, you’ll never regret it.


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