Xiaomi Smart Glasses are Coming with a Bang



Xiaomi smart glasses

Xiaomi has made a surprising announcement about smart glasses. The Chinese brand Xiaomi has surprised its customers with the announcement of Xiaomi smart glasses. Which is labeled as a ‘smart wearable device concept’. Now let’s have a detailed look at Xiaomi Smart Glasses. 


Xiaomi smart glasses

These glasses are prepared with a stunning list of qualities like it can make calls, display notifications, take photos, even it can read-aloud and translate all texts mentioned in front of you and its weight is nearly 51g and also have a teleprompter function.

It has a micro-LED display and the display chip is as small as the size of a rice grain. If you are using the glasses in bright sunlight, the monochrome panel’s brightness can reach up to 2 million nits. Each pixel is 4μm in size so that the display fits between the glass frames. The glasses are powered by XiaoAI Assistant, which provides you with just the most important information on your phone without troubling you with hundreds of unimportant notifications. You’ll only see smart home alarms, instant notifications from Office apps, important contacts, job notifications, and more.

You can make calls with a built-in speaker and microphone. With a 5MP camera, you can also take fine-quality photos. The glasses can also convert the audio into text with real-time translation. All of this computer processing comes from a quad-core ARM processor that integrates with battery, touchpad, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Android-based software. 

Launch and release


Xiaomi smart glasses

The exact details are unknown because it is still a conceptual device. There can be changes until the finished product arrives. It is just an overview of the concept that Xiaomi has for its customers. This will be very useful for us in the future where smartwatches will be replaced by smart glasses. The launch and release date is not announced so we have to wait for the Xiaomi Smart Glasses.

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