Xiaomi Car Will Be a Huge Surprise by the Company

Xiaomi car


Tech companies are now becoming deeply sophisticated in the multinational automotive industry in numerous capacities. Some companies are ready to build their lineups of cars. One of them being Xiaomi Inc that is releasing a Xiaomi car anytime soon.

As per the current updates, the Chief Executive of Xiaomi,  Lei Jun proclaimed that it will be the mass production of its first passenger vehicle in the first half of the 2024 calendar year. Let’s talk about the features of the Xiaomi Car in detail. 


Features of Xiaomi car 

Xiaomi car

The company first shared the news with the regional media through its ambassador, and the Director of Xiaomi’s International Marketing department substantiated the information via a post about the improvement on his official Weibo account. Details about the upcoming vehicle’s specifications, the company has not revealed  its liftoff date, and its price points. But it is known that Xiaomi has begun engaging pertinent aids to take the operation ahead. The company declared it openly seven months ago that it would arrive at the electric vehicle auditorium with involvement of $10 billion over the next 10 years.

Accordingly, the first aspect of the project will be to incorporate an enterprise worth the equivalent of $1.52 billion. The CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun will supervise the project. There are some rumors that Xiaomi will collaborate with Great Wall Motors (the venture that owns Haval). But, still there is no official announcement or notification on social media or in the market. Still, Xiaomi will originally launch an all-electric vehicle lineup for China only. After that, it will proceed from there based on its improvement and need. 

The company made a great success in the mobile phone lineup. We hope that this Xiaomi car will not fail and prove to be up to the mark as other products.

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