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NEM (XEM) Price Forecast for 2018: Should You Invest Despite Cryptovolatility?

“Should I invest in Bitcoin?” Is a question I often hear.


The first thing I tell investors is to look at the other cryptocurrencies: Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), the list goes on and on. There are literally hundreds of alternatives to Bitcoin (BTC).

And, blasphemously, this may sound to those who pray at the Altar of Bitcoin, but some of these currencies are better than Bitcoin. They took what works, pinched off what was not useful and emerged with potentially superior technology.
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Current XEM price in Euro – NEM

NEM (XEM) 0.0951637792  0.86 %

In fact, this report will treat one of these unappreciated cryptocurrencies: NEM (XEM).

NEM is the 12th largest market crypto crypto by December 2017, but you would not know if you read only Forbes or Fortune. Outside the crypto circles, the currency is relatively unknown.

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There is also confusion about the name of the currency. It is called NEM, but it is traded under the symbol “XEM”. Oh, and maybe I forgot to mention: The XEM price at the time of writing is only $ 0.2936.

Before submitting an official XEM price forecast for 2018, it may be best to answer some basic questions such as “What is NEM?” And “What is it different from Bitcoin?”. Then we can move on to the juicy upside potential.

What is the XEM cryptocurrency?

The “Elevator Pitch” for NEM is simple: 1) Take what Bitcoin is for payments and 2) apply it to the whole technological infrastructure.

It is the work that Ethereum does with “Smart Contracts” very similar, except that NEM calls its functions “Smart Assets”. Here are a few possible use cases:

  • health records
  • supply
  • Notary ion
  • shareholdings
  • royalties
  • legal records
  • loans
  • inspections

According to the company’s marketing materials, a handful of companies have already acquired NEM. “Testing millions of accounts has shown why it’s one of the most powerful systems in the industry,” reads one of their presentations.

Part of it is just statistics, but there are some interesting things that speak for NEM, such as: B. the API interface. Without becoming too technical, let me quickly explain what this API does.

Imagine being a Fortune 500 company. Learn about the blockchain – how it can increase security, reduce costs, improve efficiency – and decide to migrate some of your digital infrastructure to the blockchain.

In most cases you need to hire a special programmer. Someone who understands the programming language of “smart contracts”. But then you discover NEM.

Your software team will tell you eagerly that NEM will allow you to program in any language. There is no need to tear everything down, no need to rebuild it from scratch. It really works with Java, C ++, whatever you want.

“How is this possible?” Ask yourself.

“Easy,” they answer. “NEM has a magic API.”

Should you invest in NEM (XEM)? How was the price trend 2017?

NEM is barely two years old (at the time of writing this article), but it’s already a very profitable investment. For example, the XEM price in 2017 increased by 5,950%.

The XEM price rose to a high of $ 0.2993 in the first quarter. Then there was turbulence, which led to a sharp decline to 0.090656.

This was followed by another steep climb to $ 0.349178, after which the price was sold off again and the currency stumbled. At the moment, the NEM price is somewhere between $ 0.29 and $ 0.30.

This is important for several reasons. First, investors need to know that the investment is not going smoothly. Cryptocurrencies are experimental in nature, and in every experiment there is always the possibility of failure.

In addition, you will probably see days of five percent, 10% or even 15% movements and not always up. But maybe you notice that NEM tends to go up despite the corrections.

So, if you’re ready to wait for the tough times, there’s the opportunity to make significant profits with the XEM coin.

Of course, you have to make the final decision, because it’s about your money. All I can do is to present the facts, some of which are:

  • NEM has made many investors rich in the last 10 months
  • It is 10 times more efficient than Bitcoin, based on the overhead
  • It has more use cases than Bitcoin
  • It is user friendly for non-crypto programmers
  • It is still relatively unknown

There is of course headwind. NEM faces regulatory uncertainties, contagion from other crypto assets, and a potential lack of liquidity. None of these problems, however, seem to be permanent

How do I buy XEM?

If you are interested in XEM, prepare for a challenge.

Bitcoin and Ethereum can be widely available, which means you can easily buy them for US dollars, but XEM is more difficult to get your hands on.

While there are a handful of Fiat-to-XEM exchanges, they are plagued by low trading volumes. Since liquidity on these exchanges could be a problem, we simply buy Bitcoin or Ethereum and trade them for XEM coins.

These Crypto-to-XEM trades are available on Poloniex, Bittrex and HitBTC. Before you buy anything, remember to download an XEM wallet.

Analyst estimates for NEM price forecast 2018

In the long term, we are more optimistic about decentralized application blockchains than public ones. In other words, we believe NEM (XEM) will outperform Bitcoin and its imitators. As such, we initiate an XEM price forecast at $ 1.00 for 2018.

Prospects for NEM in 2018

According to experts, the NEM system has unique advantages, which has quite real evidence in terms of the capitalization rate of its market.
Currently, NEM occupies 12th place in terms of capitalization with all other known cryptocurrencies.

The total market value of NEM is $ 2 643 183 000 and the current price of NEM has reached $ 0.2994502 per coin. As you can see on the charts, the NEM price is in a rising trend channel.

With all the above features, you can assess NEM’s prospects for 2018 and create a forecast for NEM for a longer period of time.

For the further growth of the price of NEM the following factors play a role:

1. The uniqueness of the algorithms of the NEM system (the POI algorithm), according to which the success is achieved not by the one with more money, but by the most active users, who bring a real benefit to the system and the economy as a whole.

2. NEM’s focus is on the real-life financial sector of the economy, which will, over time, benefit from advanced crypto-currency technologies.
At this point we focus our attention. It is necessary to understand that in the future, states will make even more desperate attempts to curb the digital currency market. Because if they lose control of the financial system, that means the collapse of the state – that’s clear! Therefore, new “rules of the game” will be defined in the future, according to which the existing model of the financial system will merge with the crypto currency market. This means that the best-developed cryptocurrencies will be those that are most appropriate for this format. This includes the NEM cryptocurrency.

In the near future, the NEM price increase will halt the negative processes in the legalization of the digital money market. Recall that China and the US (the world’s top two economies) are not yet on their way to fully legalizing cryptocurrencies. Although these processes are temporary, the digital money market will evolve anyway.

And most importantly, based on the current price of NEM being corrected after the explosive growth wave, it’s time to buy those digital coins !! The price of NEM you are looking at now – is at its low. The course of NEM expects new growth spikes!

Info: Beware of investing in cryptocurrencies – A total loss of their investment is possible!

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