Wrath of Nature: We are the Guests on Earth, not the Master


Tusbiha Kamran Cheema
By Tusbeeha Kamran Cheema


By Tusbeeha Kamran Cheema

The world doesn’t need us; we need the world. There are coming tornados, the climate is not perfect. The ocean currents are not kind anymore. There will be tsunamis. Nature will reclaim our roads. We’re screwing the world up. There is coronavirus in this world. We need to do something with this world, especially in Pakistan. We need a better climate. Treat the water, the land, and the air with sympathy. Tomorrow is a change for us. We think that if one just throws one thing on the ground it does not hurt. But you’re not the only one throwing. A lot of rubbish is thrown away every single day. The earth is our home. We can’t live on Mars right now so we have to live on this earth and we have to keep it clean. Mars does have oxygen but we are ruining oxygen level on the only place men can and have to live—- Earth.

Do not kill animals without a reason. You can eat so much meat you want to, but don’t kill it without a reason. I believe Mother Nature and the Earth is sending us a message we are not necessary and the water, the sky, the air, the earth is fine without us.

Remember we are the guests on Earth, not the Master. Make the world a better place, in these beautiful years. Treat the world like you want to be treated. Why is there not snow coming in December, because the climate is bad? We people have to help together. Everything is getting diminished. And please treat Pakistan well.

I live in Denmark, and it is much different. You must have a trash can in Pakistan. Stop throwing rubbish on the road. Keep the Karachi beach clean. Get the homeless dogs a good home and wash them clean. Mecca is empty. And New York doesn’t stand up anymore. If the climate gets worse, we cannot get pure oxygen. Because in the end, we all are focusing on the oxygen, on the water, on the garbage. And then we don’t have a life, because we are focusing on getting a life. Nature doesn’t need us, we need it. So give Nature something back. You will realise that the power of beauty and money is worthless and are not getting us oxygen. Do you know, my mom said that there is a lockdown because of us.

Swat Valley hits by heavy flashfloods
Swat Valley hits by heavy flash floods

I guess that many of you guys love to eat meat, but how do we eat meat if the animals die? Look at the current time times, nature has locked us inside, feel the power of nature. Allah made this world beautiful, and we shouldn’t destroy it. We are the one who can save it. your children in the future need this land. If we keep the climate in good shape, we can do what we want. But remember that one day, you may get a surprise because Maybe There is no time left to change. Keep it clean as a human has got it. Remember We are not necessarily all other components of nature that are essential for us. So learn to co-exist, let’s start from today….If you see a little garbage on the way, then take it and throw it in a dustbin. You just help the world. I know, it’s a little thing but that’s where it all starts.

Remember Wrath of Nature is terrible and many races before us had seen this wrath– Why should be we the next?

Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment.—-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.——Frank Lloyd Wright

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