Worldwide Coronavirus Death Toll Rises to 3,497


It’s been over three months since the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) began wreaking havoc and by now it has affected 102,239 people in 97 Countries across the globe.

Originated in a seafood market in the Wuhan City of China’s Central Hubei Province on December 1, 2019 when its first Case appeared, the virus has taken 3,497 lives mostly in China wherein 3,070 have succumbed to it.

China remains the most affected Country wherein 80,651 people have so far diagnosed with Coronavirus followed by South Korea wherein 6,767 such Cases have emerged.

In Iran, 4,747 Coronavirus Cases have so far appeared, in Italy 4,636 Cases, in Germany 670 Cases, in France 653 Cases, in Japan 420 Cases, in Spain 402 Cases, in the United States 335 Cases, in Switzerland 214 Cases, in UK 164 Cases, in Sweden 137 Cases, in Singapore 130 Cases, in Netherlands 128 Cases, Norway 127 Cases, in Belgium 109 Cases, and in Hong Kong 108 Cases.

In Pakistan, six people were diagnosed with the virus but one of them has now fully recovered.

The Coronavirus Outbreak also engulfed the Diamond Princess, a British Cruise Ship harbored in the Japanese Port of Yokohama, and affected its 696 passengers and six of them have died.

Worldwide Coronavirus Death Toll

As above mentioned, the worldwide Coronavirus death toll has jumped to 3,497 with China as the main affectee with 3,070 deaths. Italy has witnessed 197 deaths of the novel virus, Italy 197, Iran 124, South Korea 44, the US 15, France 9, Spain 8, Japan 6, Australia 2, UK 2, Hong Kong 2, Iraq 2, Switzerland 1, Netherlands 1, Thailand 1, Taiwan 1, San Marino 1, and Philippines 1.

However, 57,624 people who were found positive for Coronavirus have now recovered.

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