World must ‘Do More’ to fight terrorism, says General Javed Bajwa


RAWALPINDI, Pakistan: The Chief of Pakistan Army (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa has said that its time for others to do more for eradicating terrorism from the region because Pakistan had played its role and had achieved a enormous success against the terrorism despite of its limited resources.

Speaking at a ceremony in connection with Defence Day here at General Headquarters (GHQ), the Army Chief Gen Javed Bajwa said Pakistan had been fighting against terrorism injected by others and Pakistani nation paid sacrifices to achieve peace.

He added that world must accept the fact that Pakistan was (is) the main target of terrorists in the region.

He maintained that if Pakistan has (had) not done enough in the war against terrorism, then no country in the world has (had) done anything.

“Pakistan had done enough and suffered a lot, and now the world must do more. If the world powers can (could) not help Pakistan in its war against terrorism then such powers should not hold it (Pakistan) responsible for their own failures”, said Gen Bajwa.

defence day coas speech
World must do more to fight terrorism, says General Javed Bajwa

He reiterated his stance that Pakistan had been doing enough to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan and still ready to play its role along with NATO and Americans but Pakistan cannot (could not) bring Afghan war into Pakistan.

Gen Javed Bajwa while addressing families of martyrs said that nation would never forget sacrifices of their sons, brothers and fathers who gave their lives to protect the motherland and the nation.

It is pertinent to mention that the Defence Day ceremony held in GHQ was divided into three segments and the speech of COAS was placed in last segment and was followed by release of latest song produced by ISPR “Tu Salamat Watan Taa Kiamat Watan” (Long Live my Motherland till the Day of Judgment).

While keeping in mind high pace music, national narrative, symphony and lyrics, song has unique element of mixing traditional history of martyrdom linked with officers and soldiers of Pakistan with civilians who sacrificed their lives in recent war against terrorism

Written by Imran Raza and sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, song has deep and meaningful lyrics, complex beats perfectly sync with each other while powerful vocals are expertly sync with the music. Song has stunning outro with perfect Intro. Song starts with surprising use of musical elements but leading by powerful vocals. Lyrics indicate that Pakistan was achieved with the sacrifices of many generations and country is the identity of every Pakistani in the world.

Defence Day ceremony was decorated by several theme songs and short films proced by ISPR production team. In first segment a theme video title “Khoon Se Bara Rishta” (a relation more stronger than blood relation) and a song title “Kabhi Parcham Mai Liptay” (sometimes their bodies are covered with national flags (reference to martyrs) were attributed to traditions of Pakistan Army.

“Khoon Se Bara Rishta” represents that Pakistan Army does not forget martyrs but always reminds them (martyrs) and their families.

Song “Kabhi Parcham Mai Liptay” indicates that soldiers of Pakistan Army are always ready to embrace Shahadat—martyrdom and their families are always ready to receive news of their Shahadat or to receive them at home with an hour of being the fighter and a winner. It may be mentioned that Pakistan Army believes only in Ghazi Yah Shaheed (Living fighter or martyr).

Second segment had a song title “Kashmir Ko Haq Do Bharat (India you must give right of freedom to Kashmiris). This song was dedicated to Kashmiri struggle in Indian Occupied Kashmir. A short film title “Journey to Peace” explains the story of fight Pakistan won against terrorism. In this short film, it was explained how Jihadi narrative did was injected by United States in Pakistani society during Afghan-Russia war and how this narrative destroyed peaceful society of Pakistan. Involvement of Indian intelligence agency RAW in launching 5th Generation Warfare against Pakistan through Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) was also explained with facts.

Third segment had one song title Watan Ki Jeet (The success of the country). This song explains how did Pakistan win the war against terrorism during the last one decade. A documentary film title “Mazil Se Aagay (Beyond the Destination) represents rehabilitation and development in areas those were affected by terrorism including Swat valley, North Waziristan and South Waziristan.


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