World lauding Pakistan for saving and evacuating foreigners stranded in Afghanistan

Islamabad, Pakistan: World lauding Pakistan for saving and evacuating foreigners stranded in Afghanistan


Glenn Lee Beck, an American political commentator, radio host, and television producer has lauded the role of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for his tireless effort to safely evacuate foreigners from Afghanistan, particularly FIFA team members.

In a letter written by him to Prime Minister Imran Khan, he stated that no one else on earth contributed so much for the wellbeing of stranded foreigners in Afghanistan than Pakistan Prime Minister Khan has done.


World lauding Pakistan for saving and evacuating foreigners stranded in Afghanistan
World lauding Pakistan for saving and evacuating foreigners stranded in Afghanistan

Meanwhile in a series of his Twitter messages he added:

Tomorrow on the radio I will share the letters exchanged between me and the prime minister of Pakistan.   In the hour of desperate need, I reached out in the hopes that some sort of leadership could be found to help us do the impossible.

We reached out and asked numerous leaders in political and civil society around the world for help. The silence was shocking as was the outpouring of help on a humanitarian basis.   Some calls and requests received a simple yes or no, some went unanswered but

we received an immediate response to our requests from Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan who then acted on his willingness to assist. Collectively, we transcended religious differences, political divides, national boundaries, and local dynamics – it was about a humanitarian effort aimed at saving innocent victims facing certain death if left behind in a war-ravaged country where misunderstanding and suspicion take priority at present. He took the lead to save innocent lives irrespective of politics, race, religion, or culture.

No other global leader that we have seen, took such an initiative to leverage his/her position to save the innocent putting humanity before politics and showing how much the great faiths have in common on the bridge of compassion.  Don’t

He (PM Khan) has been gracious with his time and never once questioned our motives. We have spoken about our different faiths and how when truly executed in their highest form, innocent life must be protected and saved.

PM Khan quickly asked his people to intervene on our behalf and was able to make the difference between life and death for those on board the first three aircraft to leave Mazar e Sharif in Afghanistan with nearly a thousand civilians on board.  MANY of them are Americans. –

Because of his tireless leadership and support from the military and civilian resource of Pakistan, three planes were released by the Taliban, who have been businesslike in their responses to adhere to their agreement to let civilian allies of the NATO forces leave the country

You will be reading a lot over the next few days of people that have left Afghanistan in the last 24 hours.  Some of the stories will have a global tale to tell, some will be welcomed home by family and friends, some will land in a country where they have no friends. 

Each of their lives is worth the time, energy, money, passion, and love spent by so many people, organizations, and the PM of Pakistan.  Other media outlets may have their own agenda for criticizing him over the last few days, don’t but he should be recognized for the lives he helped save this weekend. I sincerely thank him and pray he continues to help us work to build a bridge with the common interest of protecting innocent, precious lives during this humanitarian effort. The United States should collectively recognise Pakistan’s assistance at this juncture. We will not allow anyone to forget this moment that enabled America and its allies to make good on their promises to those that helped them without pause or reflection.


Glenn Lee Beck is an American political commentator, radio host, and television producer. He is the CEO, founder, and owner of Mercury Radio Arts, the parent company of his television and radio network TheBlaze. He hosts the Glenn Beck Radio Program, a popular talk-radio show nationally syndicated on Premiere Radio Networks. Beck also hosts the Glenn Beck television program, which ran from January 2006 to October 2008 on HLN, from January 2009 to June 2011 on Fox News and currently airs on TheBlaze. Beck has authored six New York Times–bestselling books.

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