Woman of Pakistani origin namely Zubia Shahnaz is charged with financing Islamic State

Woman of Pakistani origin namely Zubia Shahnaz is charged with financing Islamic State


Monitoring Desk: Investigation conducted by US anti-terrorism authorities and Home Land Security suggest that a network was operating for financing Islamic State also known Daesh by a woman of Pakistani origin.

A 27 year old woman Zubia Shahnaz who is resident of Brentwood, was charged in federal court with bank fraud, conspiring to commit money laundering and three counts of money laundering, according to the US Attorney’s Office.

Charges against her indicate that she had washed over $ 85,000 through overseas crypto coins to the Islamic state during June this year.

According to charges, Zubia Shahnaz, allegedly used 16 credit cards fraudulently obtained for the purchase of nearly $ 63,000 in crypto money and she was involved in laundering money for people in Pakistan, China and Turkey. It is alleged that she had been browsing violent websites related to jihad, message boards, social networking pages and letters of messages known to the recruits, facilitators and financiers. It is further alleged that Zubia Shahnaz also searched the maps and locations of the areas of Damascus, where Islamic State was active.

“In June, Shahnaz resigned from her job as a laboratory expert at the Manhattan Hospital and obtained a Pakistani passport. A month later, she tried to get a flight at John F. Kennedy International Airport with the intention of leaving the United States”, reports Reuters News Agency.

Federal agents stopped the woman and took her to interrogation, providing “false and conflicting interpretations” about wire transfers, officials said.

If convicted, Shahnaz could face a maximum of 30 years for bank fraud and 20 years for every money laundering.

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