Why West is launching Judicial War against China?

DND Thought CenterWhy West is launching Judicial War against China?
Seymur Mammadov is the Director of the International Expert Club «EurAsiaAz» which deals with strategic issues of Eurasian Region.

By Seymur Mammadov

Many billions of reparations, compensations, and public repentance were constantly demanded from Russia.
Let me remind you of the calls, the demands to pay for the World War II, for Crimea, Donbass, the so-called use of “chemical weapons in British territory” by Russia (the Skripal case), the Nord Stream gas project, as well as for interference in the US elections and other countries, etc.
The sudden emergence of the coronavirus pandemic increased the appetites of the Western world and its satellites to blame China for something to harness with Russia. Now China is new target for demanding trillions of dollars in compensation for economic damage, as well as the loss of human life due to COVİD-19. Remember President Donald Trump specifically called this virus “Chinese” because plan was ready to tag China responsible for everything which would go wrong in after effects of COVID-19.
Western media often exaggerate every topic when it suits you. Remember Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq and Democracy in danger in Libya and enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Same attitude is used again but this time for one of the biggest world economy—-China.
One of the leading British newspapers, The Daily Mail writes: “China owes us 351 billion pounds. Britain should pursue Beijing through international courts for coronavirus compensation, major study claims as 15 top top Tories urge ‘reset’ in UK relations with China. The study shows that this could have been avoided if China had been more honest.”
In turn, Bloomberg published an article stating that in the United States, two class action lawsuits were filed against China for suppressing information about the virus at an early stage and receiving billions of dollars in compensation for damage caused by an outbreak of coronavirus.
In less than a month, more than 5,000 U.S. citizens joined a class action lawsuit filed in a Florida court demanding compensation from China for damage caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus. In particular, the authors of the lawsuit demand compensation from the Chinese government for a total of about $ 1.2 trillion.
The pioneer in this story was American lawyer Larry Kleiman, who on March 17, 2020 filed a lawsuit for $ 20 trillion against the People’s Republic of China. Larry Kleiman claims that coronavirus is a “biological weapon” and accuses China of using it. In addition to Kleiman, the plaintiffs in this case were the human rights organization Freedom Watch and the Buzz Photos studio in Texas.
Following the United States, a lawsuit against China for $ 100 billion was also filed by Israel. If this continues, then similar claims will be filed not only in the US, but also in various European and international courts.
Agree that the demand put forward by the West seems absurd, because science has not yet fully proved where COVİD-19 actually came from. All Western media write that this virus was first detected in Chinese territory, but some sources claim that this virus has been living with people for several years. Then how can it be argued that this is a “Chinese” virus and it is China that is to blame for spreading it around the world?
Even if this virus was actually first detected in Chinese territory, Beijing should not be held responsible for what happened around the world. The coronavirus pandemic showed that the governments of many countries were not ready to counteract COVİD-19 and did not take preventive measures to avoid the consequences of this virus, therefore it is not surprising that in the USA, Italy, Spain, and France there is a high mortality rate for those infected with coronavirus.
On the other hand, many countries, friends and partners of China expressed their support to the Chinese people in the fight against the pandemic, and in turn, China extended a helping hand to its partners – Italy, Central Asia, Africa, etc.
In this regard, it should be noted the participation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a traditional friend and partner of China, who in the early days of the crisis was close by and showed his solidarity with both the authorities and the people of China.


In early March, when the coronavirus was rapidly spreading around the world, the President of the Islamic Republic Arif Alvi paid an official visit to Beijing, where he expressed his country’s complete readiness to provide all necessary assistance to China in the fight against coronavirus. Prior to the pandemic, last October, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Xi Jinping met. The head of government of Pakistan thanked the Chinese leader for the assistance provided during the severe economic crisis. As said by PM Imran Khan, China helped Islamabad financially “without any conditions”. These two meetings are a vivid indicator of the high relations between the two countries. China selflessly helped Pakistan in a difficult period of time, and when China faced the coronavirus crisis, Pakistan also extended a helping hand to its friend.
The Western partners, who consider their Anglo-American and Anglo-Saxon worlds to be almost the only bastions of peace, civilization and justice, decided to behave in a completely different way. Instead of helping each other, they preferred a judicial “war” against China, instead of collaborating together against COVİD-19, they preferred to fight together against China. It should not be forgotten that the first country to take the coronavirus attack and suffer the losses in the fight against COVİD-19 was China. In this case, China has the right to make accusations against its Western partners, demanding compensation from them for the false accusations made against it.
It should be emphasized here that the West, or rather those countries that accuse China of intentionally or unintentionally spreading the coronavirus infection, have suffered financially and continue to suffer. The main task is to get compensation from China, thereby covering the costs of the virus and compensating for the financial damage that the economy of Western countries suffered as a result of coronavirus infection. But I doubt that the West will be able to force China to pay the world the losses from COVID-19.
Why Russia and China are always responsible for something that goes wrong? Involuntarily the question arises, why then no one was held accountable for the Spanish flu, the spread of other viral infections in the world – “bird flu”, “swine flu”, etc.? Was anyone judged? What about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Has anyone answered for this crime? I doubt it ….

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