Why People In Pakistani Rural Areas Are Inclined More Towards Online Shopping?


The effects of Internet are penetrating and everlasting. Both the rural and urban areas of Pakistan have an equal influence of the Internet, and online shopping is the most common effects of all.

Previously, it was mystical for rural area population to even think about wearing brands and trendy outfits. However, the Internet has now revolutionized the way they wear and live, despite the fact they do not have a single shopping mall nearby. Most of the retailers ensure free delivery nationwide, irrespective of their location.

Access to the Internet

As mentioned in my previous post, there are a number of cities in Pakistan that lack basic facilities like food and water. Such areas do not have access to the Internet and technology; however, there has been a revolution in the past few years. Due to the cheap affordability of 3G Internet on mobile phones, some of the population in rural areas is capable of using the Internet; thereby making the most of the online shopping.

Use of Mobile Phones

The second most important reason of their inclination towards buying from the web is cost. 3G and 4G Internet are available at shockingly affordable prices on most of the network connections that makes it easy for poor and uneducated people to use. Pakistan is among those countries where mobile use is growing at the fastest rate. Mobile phones are an infrequent use of even those who hardly make their both ends meet.

According to the annual report of Alipay (the electronic payment platform of Alibaba), there has been an increase of 15% in the online shopping customers during the year 2012 and 2013. It was all because of the access to mobile phones. There was a time when Smartphone was considered a luxury that was affordable for the elite class only; however, now, it is more of a necessary for most of the Pakistanis. And the reason people own Smartphone despite their poverty-stricken lifestyle is that phones are available at reasonable prices.

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Lack of Options and Poor Infrastructure

Surprisingly, a research shows that rural area population is more inclined towards the online shopping than people in urban areas. The reason for their preference is the lack of access to malls and shopping centers. It isn’t possible for them to travel miles distance to reach a mall in the city, buy things, and go back to their home. Online shopping saves them from troubles and headache. Lack of shopping choices and poor infrastructure of the region are the key factors that drive rural people to shop online.

The notable online stores in Pakistan such as homeshopping and getnow.pk are expanding and making online shopping the easiest ever experience. Even though shipping to such areas is really a tough job, but they have covered milestones and have made every possible arrangement for delivery. Time has changed and there has been a shift in the lifestyle of Pakistanis, from Karachi to KPK, and the Internet plays a key role in this function.



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