Why Miscarriage Rate in Pakistan Is Increasing?

Miscarriage rate in Pakistan are increasing very sharply. According to a report by Gutmatcher, the rate of abortions whether induced or natural was around 20%. Unfortunately, this number has now reached 37% in less than six years. This increase is alarming since Pakistan is a country where the practice is considered a taboo. If the rates of induced miscarriage are this high with cultural resistance, what will happen when there is none?

In this article, we will be addressing the reasons behind such high rates of miscarriages and induced abortions in Pakistan.

  1. Contraceptive Methods

The main reason behind rising miscarriages in Pakistan is because of ignorance of the contraceptive methods present out there. It is a taboo topic and people are hesitant to even seek information about it. Instead of going to a gynecologist for proper family planning, women try superficial, outdated practices in an attempt to stop the pregnancy.

Unfortunately, the outdated practices only work 5% of the time and many women end up getting unwanted pregnancies. In such a bizarre situation, induced abortion seems like the only way to go about and many women take this path. Since induced abortion is illegal in the country, more than 90% of women get abortions in situations where their health and life is at risk.

  1. Diet

The female body goes through many changes during pregnancy. Hormones play an important role in achieving these changes successfully. It is thus important that hormones be balanced if the pregnancy has to survive. The modern diet, unfortunately, is unable to keep the hormonal balance.

Many women during their pregnancy indulge in unhealthy foods, which disturb their hormonal balance, and they end up miscarrying. It is thus important to get advice from your gynecologist regarding diet during pregnancy.

  1. Poor health care

Last but not the least, the poor healthcare system in our country is also feeding into the increase of miscarriages in the country. Many medical problems such as high blood pressure or anaemia are common during pregnancy. Many of the times, women suffering from minor pregnancy complications are rushed to the hospitals or gynecologists but they do not receive the immediate attention that they require. As a result, miscarriages occur. To decrease miscarriages in the country, a collective effort from the public and the government is required or else we will never be able to have a healthy young population.


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