Why does the “Treason and Traitor Theory” suit Imran Khan?

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his aids knew from the very outset that PTI will fail to persuade the general public to secure a second term for Imran Khan, in absence of performance. Therefore, he needed a new narrative to cover up his government’s bad governance and economic disaster.


As the corruption narrative was already overspent during the last nine years, it was needed for Imran Khan to pursue an entirely fresh narrative that can obtain two key objectives for him. Since he was raised in environments where Treason and Traitor Theory was considered a successful and handy remedy, he also built his narrative around it. First, to keep his workers charged till new elections despite the PTI government’s poor performance, and secondly to have a mask on his covet operations against state and federation.

I feel that the policy and narrative that Imran Khan has started pursuing, will deepen the divide in people through hatred and will weaken all organs of the federation by maligning them as conspirators. Unfortunately, this narrative of Imran Khan fits very well in the international design to create anarchy in Pakistan. This is written on the wall that If he ever comes back into power, his incompetence and bad governance will spoil the economy, institutions, and provide room for large-scale financial mismanagement, and laden the country with debt and obligations. But if he is not in power, he will damage the country by creating political uncertainty and chaos in the country. He openly threatened to be more dangerous if he was not in power.

He has already started blaming all institutions because he already knew, that those fresh elections will result in a split mandate and his constituent share will reduce considerably, as the situation is not like in 2013 or 2018. Imran Khan has already decided to reject the election results unless he wins with a two-thirds majority, which is not possible in the current situation. As the election results will not be accepted for obvious reasons, there will be a reason to continue anarchy and chaos in the country. In fact, this is the real conspiracy. PTI has already taken a very offensive stance by accusing all political parties, their leaders, superior courts, and military and civil establishments. He has termed everyone as a traitor and conspirator. He will continue his monkey business in disguise as an innocent, honest, only dependable, and patriotic leader.

Moreover, I watched the video of a young lad yesterday who is emotionally overcharged in the love with Imran Khan. It has really terrified me as these types of emotions can be easily persuaded towards extremism. Are we planning another militant wing of Taliban, Sipahe Sahaba or Jaish e Muhammad? This high-level brainwashing of our young generation by a political leader will be very toxic and alarming. On the other hand, if you follow close aids of Imran Khan like Sheikh Rasheed, they are provoking, the “Besiege and burn policy” in public gatherings.

It is very evident now that as a policy, Imran Khan will call everyone a traitor and under this cover will conspire and continue to harm the Federation.  He will continue to plan mass rallies for political consumption but work covetously to harm the federation and its institutions as per the wishes of the international establishment.

May Allah save our beloved country from the heinous designs of traitors.

Note: This piece came in Letter to The Editor. The name of the writer is withheld on request.


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