Why do I not believe in the Big Bang?


By Tusbeeha Kamran Cheema

Tusbiha Kamran Cheema

I wonder why we Muslims are the only group who does not believe in the Big Bang while the rest of the world does. They believe the whole world started with the Big Bang.
According to scientists, the prevailing cosmological model describes how the universe expanded from an initial state of high density and temperature and offers a comprehensive explanation for a broad range of observed phenomena, including the abundance of light elements, the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation, and large-scale structure. This is just a theory. No doubt Cold Test has confirmed this Theory but nobody can say this is a “Fact” that the universe actually came into being through Big Bang. All theories are “Near Truth” unless a real physical test (not Cold Test) is conducted to determine the results. Since a real physical test of this theory has not been conducted therefore this is just Near Truth that the universe is a result of the Big Bang.
Many of my friends wonder why I don’t believe in the big bang. My answer is simple, I believe that God made everything, and everything didn’t just come like a Big Bang. We believe what God says in His books. But there are many people who believe in God but also believe in the Big Bang too. I mean that God made everything and there was nothing
before God because He is the Omnipotent. I believe things do not just come by themselves. So many people think it is weird not to believe in the Big Bang. Why should I believe it when it is just a theory and just a Near truth, not Fact?

Some people believe that there is no life after this life we are consuming. But what if I ask, why is there only life on earth? Why did everything just start here? Why is it not built that way that some people live on Mars some people live on Jupiter and some live on Uranus? Why is there only life on the earth? See that’s a good question. It can of course be right that the universe was made 13,82 billion years ago.
But I believe that it was still God who made the whole universe. And the universe is a big history and a big mystery. And many of us think what is the point of life? You see, everyone should be happy in life, and live happily, but I mean that this life is a test. And I feel like that everything should have a reason to come, and make sense. And I don’t really understand how a Big Bang could just come straight up in the air. I have respect for every person and their opinion. And they can believe what they want to. Many people mean that there was nothing before the big bang. But I believe there was nothing before God (Allah). And when we are going to find the answer, is actually the day we die. Then we can see what will happen or what will not happen.

I know the universe is so big and mysterious. But I know that God (Allah) is bigger than the universe. I mean that the Black Hole, the planets, and the milky way are nothing. There should be a reason for why there came a Big Bang, and how? And how would people know that it was a big bang, but not a little bang or a slow bang? See there are so many questions in the world. But inside me I don’t believe in the Big Bang, and I mean there was nothing before God, and God made the universe. For me most important for us is to protect this universe with love and sustainability and harmony. Let my friends believe the universe is the result of the Big Bang and let me believe it was not—– The most important element for a beautiful universe is acceptance of views of other people also even they are contrary to our beliefs.

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