White House denies visa to Hamid Abutalebi, reports AP

White House denies visa to Iran’s pick for UN ambassador, reports AP


WASHINGTON — The Associated Press (AP) has released a story claiming that White House says the U.S. has informed Iran that it will not issue a visa to Teheran’s pick for envoy to the United Nations. It’s the first time the White House has clarified the status of the controversial pick. The administration has previously only said that the nomination was “not viable.” White house spokesman Jay Carney would not say whether President Barack Obama would sign a bill passed by Congress barring the Iranian envoy’s entry. But he says the White House shares the sentiment of that bill.

It may be mentioned that the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation on Thursday that seeks to bar Iran’s proposed U.N. ambassador, Hamid Abutalebi, from entering the United States, three days after its approval by the Senate. The legislation, which needs President Barack Obama’s signature to become law, would deny admission of anyone as a representative to the United Nations who has engaged in terrorist activity against the United States.