Where Zamzam Well is located in Kaaba?

BlogsWhere Zamzam Well is located in Kaaba?

The Zamzam Well is located 21 meters (68 feet) aways from the east of the Kaaba within the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The depth of the well is approximately 31 meters.


Earlier, a marble had been placed in Mataaf area showing the location of the Zamzam Well; however, the marking was removed in recent years.

Where Zamzam Well is located in Kaaba?The journey of blessed Zamzam water from the well to quench the thirst of pilgrims and worshipers:

Step 5: Distribution points

The produced water is transmitted from the Kuday tank after being re-purified by ultraviolet radiation through stainless pipes (stainless steel) to the Zamzam Water cooling stations around Masjid al-Haram, where it is pumped to the filling points of the containers and the Zamzam Water drinkers in the Masjid al-Haram.

Where Zamzam Well is located in Kaaba?Step 4: Transport of water

The produced water is then transferred to the two reservoirs of Kuday with a capacity of (10,000) m3 and the King Abdul Aziz Sabil. Masjid al-Haram is supplied with Zamzam Water from the Kudi reservoir. Zamzam tanks for Masjid Al Nabawi are filled from the King Abdul Aziz Sabil.

Pumping is also done to the production plant, where 5-liter Zamzam Water bottles are produced.

Step 3: Water purification stage

After the water storage process, it is transferred to the purification plant, Zamzam Water is filtered, and water is produced with a high degree of purity and sterilization through an integrated system of filters.

Step 2: Store water from a well

This is in tanks with a capacity of (5000) cubic meters, and it is divided into two parts and built of reinforced concrete.

Step1: Purification and sterilization

By pumping raw water from the Zamzam Well through two giant pumps with a capacity of (360) cubic meters per hour, which withdraws Zamzam Water from the well and pumps it to the King Abdullah Project for the Development of Zamzam Water.

The stage of pumping the water withdrawn from the two pumps water is pumped through raw water transmission lines which are approximately 4 kilometers long & are made of stainless steel. Along the lines there are air & washing rooms and control rooms connected by means of control.

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