WhatsApp Has Stopped Working Globally



As we all are aware that Whats App or WhatsApp has recently been acquired by the largest social media group Facebook few days ago. Just after the first update of WhatsApp under new ownership has caused it to stop working. WhatsApp isn’t working at the moment, as no one is able to send or receive messages over whatsapp.


WhatsApp has suddenly stopped working worldwide and people are going crazy over it. Many users are pissed off as they never faced any such issue with Whatsapp before it was acquired by Facebook. There is no official press release by the company that what’s wrong with the application but according to few network experts, the main whatsapp server is faulty and that is the reason why the application is unable to communicate with the server. Now the question is that if there is an issue with the new update or just the main server?


Whats App Not Working

Why Whats App isn’t Working

WhatsApp not working

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