BEWARE of This New WhatsApp Message Scam

WhatsApp message scam


Fraudsters always have a way to fraud innocent people to rob them of their personal or financial information. Nowadays, fraudsters are manipulating technology to their advantage. Nowadays, everyone uses WhatsApp extensively to communicate with each other which has become another source of scams. Recently, there is a new WhatsApp message scam named, Rediroff.com which the fraudsters are using to hack users’ WhatsApp for personal and bank details. 

This link affects all WhatsApp devices including the IOS, Android, and WhatsApp Web as well. So, no WhatsApp user is saved from this cam until and unless you are careful enough to not fall into the trap. This new link promises expensive gifts to the users which makes them prey to the scammers. CNBC has reported that the link is affecting a large number of people to rob off their private information. 

How does this WhatsApp message scam work?

WhatsApp message scam

This link gets to the devices of users through WhatsApp. To attract more users, it promises a huge amount of expensive gifts. When the users open the link, they are taken to a website where they have to complete a  survey. While completing the survey, it is essential to fill in all the details requiring your name, age, address, personal details, and bank information. 

Once the users complete the survey in an urge to get the reward, they end up in disappointment because of no rewards waiting for them at the end. Rather, it leads to some dangerous activities ahead. The scammers can use the information to make illegal transactions. Fraudsters use the information for illegal purposes or for installing harmful applications on the users’ devices. The link can automatically download unwanted and harmful apps that might affect the performance of your devices. This WhatsApp message scam can also lead to harmful activities that might disturb your personal or financial life.


Professionals advise to never trust any such links. If you ever get a link under the name of Rediroff.com, never trust this Whatsapp message scam because this might lead you to some serious trouble. And Never ever share your bank details with anyone. 

Duaa Naeem
Duaa Naeem
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