WhatsApp Down In Pakistan and Other Countries – Twitter is on Fire

WhatsApp down in Pakistan and other countries. Find the details below!


A few moments ago, an unknown problem caused social media platforms to go down across many countries. People started searching ‘WhatsApp down in Pakistan’ to find out what the problem is. It turns out WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger all went down one after the other as reported by Twitter users. The hashtag #Whatsappdown is trending top right now with social media users completely blank about what’s happening.

Why is WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger down right now?

As of now, there is no word about what is happening to these social media platforms. While this may be true, many social media users took no time and addressed the issue on Twitter – the only social media platform working right now.

#Whatsappdown Trending on Twitter Like Fire

As soon as the users faced the problem, they headed to Twitter and addressed the problem with the hashtag #Whatsappdown. Soon after, countless other users from different countries came up with the same issue and added more hashtags – #Instagramdown and #Facebookdown.

WhatsApp down in Pakistan

WhatsApp down in Pakistan

When will it be fixed?

It looks like there is a technical problem occurring at the Facebook headquarters. All the social platforms owned by the company went down one after the other around the same time. As of now, it is uncertain when will the issue be resolved.

While this may be valid, you can use Twitter in the meantime to address your concerns or get all the latest updates.

#Whatsappdown Meme Storm

Twitter is exploding right now with hundreds of memes coming from users across the globe. While professionals are facing problems at work, other app users are creating memes to help lighten up the confusion.

We like to stay ahead of all the latest updates. To find out more details about the problem and when the apps will be back to normal, keep checking in as we update more information in the article. You can also Google ‘WhatsApp down in Pakistan’ to find the latest update of the hour about this problem.

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