What’s the New Twist in “Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke”?


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is a television serial that broadcasted on Star Plus. Like other shows on star plus this show also be based on the full family drama. This show has made a lot of headlines after the release.

About the Drama?

The story of this drama revolves around Mishti who is a cousin of “ Ye Rishta Kya kahlata hain” character Naira Singhania. Mithi helps Naira find her true love. The drama portrays how Mithi finds her love.

As per the story of this wonderful drama, Mishti belongs to a traditional and well-being family. Mithi and Naira have a great love for each other. However, the story begins when Mishti searches for her soul mate.

What’s New?

In the latest episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Abir and Parul are at the temple, and Mishti also arrives there. Mishti and his family come face to face with Abir, he leaves after seeing them.

Mishti and her family offer prayers. Mrs. Parekh comes there and talks ill about Mishti’s marriage. She asks Mishti why someone would want to marry a girl like you.

Abir comes there and tells Mrs. Parekh that Mishti dared to ask the time, so she can know the partner she is about to get married. Abir reveals that Mrs. Parekh’s son married secretly.

She asks Abir why he left Mishti, if she is a nice girl. Abir says he did a big mistake and will always regret it. Parul is about to tell Mishi about why Abir left her, but Abir stops Parul from talking further.

Mishti and her family leave to go home. Vishambhar tells Kuhu that even if Abir is a good person, Nishant is a suitable partner for Mishti.

Abir tries to talk to Mishti about why he did not come to meet her when they had decided. Mishti does not listen to him and leaves.

Nishant tells Abir that he got a second chance and Mishti chose him. Abir tells him that she has taken this decision because she does not want to hurt her family.

Mishti asks Kuhu where is Nishant. Kuhu notices the mauli thread from her wrist is missing. Nishant gets the thread and says he made it into Mishti’s size.

Parul and Kunal are worried that Abir has less time to talk to Mishti, because tomorrow is her wedding. Nishant tells Mishti he wants to talk about Abir. So the suspense turns on here about whether Nishant would be able to talk about Abir to Mishti or not and what’s yet to come before she ties up the knot? Keep watching “Yeh Rishtay Hain Pyaar Ke”!

Watch this amazing drama at 10:00 PM of India Standard Time only on Star Plus.