What’s So Interesting Going on in “Mere Dad Ki Dulhan”?


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is an amazing on-going Indian drama which has been growing in popularity with every passing day. The crispy script of this drama and the wonderful acting has proved to be so capturing for the viewers.

About the Drama?

Set in Ghaziabad, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is a slice of life story that every Father and Daughter duo would relate to. After the death of her mother, Niya has played a pivot role in the life of her single father, Amber. She plays every possible role in his life that her mother would have played to keep him happy. She seeks happiness in filling the void in his life. Despite every attempt, she soon realizes that he feels lonely from within and that he needs a companion in his life. Thus begins the journey of this daughter to find a ‘Miss Right’ for her dotting dad.

What’s New?

Sony Entertainment Television’s Mere Dad Ki Dulhan starring Varun Badola, Shweta Tiwati and Anjali Tatrari) has been successfully keeping viewers hooked with its interesting storyline.

While Guneet ditched Amber and went on a date with Dr.Anurag which was set up by her mother, she will start feeling for the person he is chatting with who is none other than Amber. She will then decide to confess her feelings to him.

Meanwhile, Amber will yell at Guneet for not paying rent on time. Apart from his personal life, his professional life will also face tussle as Randeep will fire a few of the employees. Disturbed Amber will ask Randeep as to how can he fire the employees to which he will answer that the company also belongs to him.

Watch the drama from Monday to Friday at 10:00 PM of India Standard Time only on Sony Entertainment Television.