What next in Kabul?

By Saleem Raza
Pakistan is always in the news whenever something happens in Afghanistan. In SCO and CSTO summits, every country was looking at Pakistan for solutions if Afghanistan again becomes a hub of terrorists.


The speech of Prime Minister Imran at SCO-CSTO Dialogue was in the evolving situation in the region. With the peace coming to Afghanistan after a long chaotic period, PM Imran Khan welcomed this development. Pakistan’s aspirations are in complete sync with the regional and international stakeholders. However, he did criticize America’s hasty and irresponsible withdrawal from Kabul. Prime Minister Imran Khan believes that this is going to have critical security implications for Pakistan as well as the regional countries. Had the US done this in a responsible manner, much would have changed by now. The sudden fallout of Afghan forces and the collapse of Ashraf Ghani’s government are indirect consequences of this hasty withdrawal.
The regional cooperation on Afghan peace and reconciliation process paid off. The civil war and bloodshed were averted due to this collaboration. It is also a great relief for Pakistan, and PM Imran Khan mentioned in his speech as well, that there are no massive migrations occurred as was the case after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan. Peace and stability in Afghanistan mean peace and stability in the region. However, this peace can only last if the regional players continue to engage with Afghanistan. The SCO-CSTO framework in this regard is a highly prospective one, especially SCO’s Afghan Contact Group that has been working with all the regional stakeholders in building and sustaining Afghan peace dialogue.
Despite occupying Afghanistan for nearly twenty years, the US and his friends left abruptly by indirectly given power to the Taliban against whom all the world fought. What did get US friends from this war is no more a question rather the curse for US allies.
Pakistan has all along been advocating that the problem in Afghanistan can only be solved through dialogue and that there was no military solution. Unfortunately, this sane advice was ignored only at the cost and peril of the US and its allies which lost 2500 soldiers, despite pumping in 2.25 trillion USD and installing puppet governments
Over the last 40 years, Afghanistan has been invaded by two superpowers the Soviet Union and the United States of America. Unfortunately, both just left it in a jiffy leaving it high and dry. Their invasions only benefitted an elite leaving the common Afghan poor and devastated.
Pakistan fears that if the international community does not recognize and assist the Taliban government in building Afghanistan it will again descend into chaos and instability and become a breeding ground for terrorism which will threaten the peace and security of the region. A situation that will harm Pakistan the most.
Diplomatic circles in Kabul say now Taliban say nobody can compel them for making inclusive government under the instruction of the west. Pakistan should not put pressure again and again on them because they fought for their independence and they have the right to take their decisions.
Pakistan wants an inclusive government to avoid the situation of civil war and the Taliban should give weight to the Pakistani viewpoint.


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