What is the Role of PTA? All You Need to Know

Pakistan telecommunication authority is the telecommunication regulator of Pakistan. It ensures telecommunication and establishment throughout the country. It is an institution of the government to regulate and organize telecommunication services in Pakistan. You might have in your mind what is the role of PTA?


The role of PTA is influential to protect telecommunication users. It also makes sure that the users have smooth connectivity all around the country.  PTA has its main headquarter in Islamabad. It also has regional offices in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Muzaffarabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, and Gilgit. The government established this institution in 1996 and it has been serving the public for 25 years. You can also check IMEI number of your mobile phone and also register your phone with PTA. The website of PTA is https://www.pta.gov.pk/en

What is the Role of PTA?

What is the role of PTA?

The role of PTA includes the following functions that it carries out in the country.

  • It keeps a check on the establishment, regulation, and maintenance of telecommunication services in Pakistan.
  • It receives and disposes of the applications for the radio frequency spectrum that ranges from television and radio broadcasting to signals of mobile phones. This ensures smooth communication in the country. 
  • It promotes and safeguards the interests of telecommunication service users in Pakistan. 
  • PTA enhances the quality, and efficiency of telecommunication services throughout Pakistan by providing cost-effective and competitive services. 
  • The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority follows the instructions of the Central government from time to time.
  • PTA promotes the modernization of telecommunication services in Pakistan. 
  • It also supports the Federal government to decide on the policies by international telecommunication.
  • It also ensures the investigation of complaints and complaints made by the licensees and keeps a check whether there is action according to an Act made by the government.

Check IMEI Number

What is the role of PTA?

In recent times, one of the major tasks by the government is to make sure that all the telecommunication services are legal. It has launched an app called DIRBS. This app registers all the IMEI numbers of mobile phones. This helps the government to know whether the mobile phones used in the country are legal or not. The initiative has started because the trend of imported phones grew and people evaded taxes. It has contributed a lot to reducing mobile thefts and illegally imported mobile phones. 


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