What is The Black Circle of Whatsapp? Dont Panic!

Whatsapp Black Circle


So, we all know that there is back circle on Whatsapp that has been circulating in different WhatsApp group and personal messages and you must be wondering what is it. The black Circle blocks your phone when you press it and you have to restart your phone. Individuals are sending this black circle on WhatsApp with a warning that it will halt your phone but people are too curious to try so they fall the trap.whatsapp black circle

First of all … Donot panic! It’s going to be a viral joke in few days and will keep thinking about the black circle or negro dot. However, it’s true that by clicking on the mysterious black circle the phone will halt but it is not a virus or your phone will not be halt forever.

How can black circle of WhatsApp block your phone for a while?

If you are wondering that how a black dot can block your phone usage until you restart, here is how it is done. The truth is that the text “do not touch the black circle” on WhatsApp¬†hides thousands of characters inside WhatsApp which the application is not able to process them causing an immediate blockage and termination of WhatsApp.

The tricky and amazing part is that how they have managed to hide all these characters and we only see the famous black circle and the message of do not touch here.  If you do not want your phone to be blocked, simply do not click on the message, or delete it directly, but if you have already pressed it or want to do it, you should know that there is no issue at this time since there is no virus attached with the message.

If you have clicked it, don’t worry you are safe!

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