What is SVR? One of the Important Top 10 Intelligence Agencies

What is SVR?


What is SVR?

Just like all other countries, Russia also has a secretive intelligence agency. The name of their intelligence agency is Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). Intelligence Agencies work to protect the interest of the country. The agency works secretly to find out information about the threat and potentials that the country has. It is the Country’s institution to protect the individual citizens, society, and the state from potential external threats. The laws of federation binds the agency and whatever action they take, law restricts it. It is included the list of Top 10 intelligence agencies in the world 2021.

SVR has succeeded the First Chief Directorate of the KGB. It works closely with the Main intelligence Directorate. We now know the institution as the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. GRU is the abbreviation for this agency. The armed forces and the Intelligence agency of Russia work in connection to protect the country. the President of Russia has the responsibility to keep a check on the activities and take decisions according to the data or information collected by the agency. 

Origin of SVR

What is SVR?

Russia formed Foreign Intelligence service in December 1991. The headquarters are in Yasenevo District of Moscow. Its responsibility is to handle the external affairs of the country and keep an eye on all possible dangers. they keep the government and armed forces informed about the activities happening around the world against Russia. 

Role of SVR 

What is SVR?

SVR performs the following activities:
  • Implement active measures to ensure the country’s security.
  • Carry out military, economic, scientific, strategic, and technological spying.
  • Protect employees of Russian institutions who are foreign residents.
  • Ensure the safety of Russian government officials and their families.
  • Work along with and carrying out operations with foreign security services. 
  • Conduct electronic surveillance in other countries. 
  • The Foreign Intelligence service has also carried out some alleged assassinations.
  • It is also involved in internet disinformation.


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