What is MSS? One of the Top 10 Intelligence Agencies

What is MSS?

what is MSS?


 What is MSS ? It is the Ministry of State Security. It works as a secret agency of the People’s Republic of China. The task of intelligence agencies is to work secretly to provide security to the country against any potential threats and dangers from inside and outside the country. The MSS was formed in 1983. The Ministry of State Security is so effective that it has made it to the top 10 intelligence agencies of the world. The headquarter of the Ministry of State Security is in Beijing, the capital of China. There are also 17 bureaus and divisions all around the country. 

The 17 divisions include the intelligence analysis division, Counterintelligence Division, Social Research Division, Operational Guidance Division, Information, and Auditing Division, Science and Technology Investigative Division, International Intelligence Division, Imaging Intelligence Division, Enterprises Divisions, and others. These several divisions undertake different responsibilities to keep the security upright in the country. The Chinese intelligence agency keeps a look at all the activities that take inside and outside the country to overcome threats to the Government, State, or citizens. 

The Role of MSS 

What is MSS?

The role of MSS includes the following activities:

Censoring of the internet in China so that the content in China’s social media and the internet is not biased or may create violence. 

Reducing population from the outside world. They keep a check on the immigrants and have control over the influx of them. 

The agency has also taken up the responsibility of internal affairs. MSS supervises any rebellion and controls it so there is no problem in the activities of the ruling political party. This helps to maintain peace among the citizens and government.

MSS also does the economic spying all around the world. One of the major support MSS has is Huawei. Huawei is a giant telecommunication company in China that gathers intelligence information from around the world. Government uses the information which MSS gathers to plan their security and diplomatic relationships. 

MSS has over 1000 personnel inside and outside the country who make sure that the national security sustains. 

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