What is IMEI and How is it Important- All You Need to Know

There is always a threat that you can lose your phone or someone might steal it. What might happen if you, unfortunately, misplace your phone or someone gets their hand on your phone? There is a potential risk that your privacy will be at stake. You may lose your contacts. But, have you ever heard what is IMEI?

What is IMEI?

What is IMEI

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity Number. It can help you with many problems, and if your phone has been stolen or lost you can find your phone can be tracked by using this. Every latest mobile phone has a unique IMEI number so it is easy to protect your phone

Understanding the purpose of IMEI Number

The main reason to use IMEI is to check your phone identifying the device and its model number. It is also used to track the phone. It cannot be removed from your phone. So International Mobile Equipment Identity is regarding the process to reach your phone’s location and protect your privacy from the thief.

The number is based on the model number of your phone, not on the sim card. So the International Mobile Equipment Identity can be detected all over the world. If the thief changes the SIM card, it does not matter because you can still locate the thief.

It is almost impossible to remove this identity number. So the thief is always under a threat of getting caught. But, if some of them try to be smart and change the IMEI by tempering the board, there will be significant damage to the device. A damaged phone will be futile for him.

You can either check this number by dialing *#06#, check your settings, or look for a sticker on your phone or box.


What is IMEI

If you live in Pakistan and want to buy an imported phone, this might be an issue because the phones’ IMEI numbers are registered with PTA. It is highly advised that you do your phone’s PTA IMEI check first. Failing to register your phone with PTA will result in the blocking of the device. 

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