What is CIA? All you need to know



What is CIA

What is CIA? To understand this, you need to be aware of Intelligence Agencies. Whenever there is an internal or external threat to any nation, there are Intelligence Agencies like CIA, ISI, RAW, etc. These agencies work for national security. They evade the threats. There are various services served by intelligence companies. 

They perform necessary assassinations, national security matters, surveillance activities, detecting threats and dangers. There are undercover agents by the agencies. They carry out these confidential affairs. The agents work undercover and gather information. The government utilizes this information to carry out the strategies. 

What is CIA?

What is CIA

Coming back to what is CIA and what does it do? CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency. It is one of the most effective intelligence agencies in the whole world. This is an agency that only works for the US. It was formed in 1947. The agency is one of the oldest agencies in the world. CIA has the access to gather information from overseas, with the help of minimal information collection by its own country. The significance of this agency lists it among the top 10 intelligence agencies in the world.

Role of CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency has the following roles:

  • This agency can overtake cyber warfare and counterintelligence activities.
  • The Central Intelligence Agency has the task of monitoring overseas development that might be threatening the US.
  • It also monitors terrorism, nuclear weapons, and other weapons that can do massive destruction.
  • As the agency collects information from overseas, it also uses the information to convert it into paramilitary operations.
  • The CIA also had to involve in numerous scandals and controversies over the year. 

After gaining all the information, the policymakers have to devise a strategy and decision that is best in respect to the information gathered. This agency works in a stealth mode to keep the US secured.


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