What is ABS? Here’s All You Need To Know

What is ABS?


what is ABS?

ABS stands for Anti-Lock Braking System which is a part of a car as its name indicates that it staves off a tire from locking up in any kind of emergency, it allows the driver to uphold the control on the car. It also helps the driver to drive away from the hurdles. It can also enable your car to come to a fast stop as compared to non-ABS cars. Now let’s have a look at What is ABS? And how it works? 

How does it work?

The vehicle’s onboard computer obtains a microprocessor system named Anti-lock Brakes system to regulate the speed of your car with a speed sensor. Whenever you apply a Brakes onboard computer it compares the speed of rotation of every wheel and stimuli the electronic solenoids to encourage or discourage the hydraulic pressure of each tire. 

Types of Anti-Lock Braking System

What is ABS?

 There are two types of Anti-Lock Braking System one of them is two-wheel ABS and the other one is Four-wheel. The two-wheel ABS is mainly used in trucks or rear-wheel-drive vehicles. While the four-wheel ABS is generally found in light-weighted trucks and maximum cars. This type of Anti-Lock Braking System avoids locking up both front wheels of the vehicle.

Other forms of Brake Assist

ABS assists named Brake Assist and Electronic Brake Force Distribution(EBD) are two other forms of braking assist. Let’s talk about these forms of brake assists.

Brake Assists

This form is also known as “Pre-collision package”, keeps a route of your braking pattern, and as soon as it observes that you are pressing the brake more than usual pressure so it boosts the power of the brake when you raise off your foot from the pedal the system let go of the brake so you can return to normal driving.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution

Electronic Brake Force Distribution(EBD) is also a beneficial function, it can control the weight of the vehicle, and it can also differentiate how much braking force has to apply on every wheel. 

Comparison of ABS and non-ABS vehicle

What is ABS?

The vehicle’s driver prefers to apply constant pressure on the brake, while the non-ABS vehicle’s driver practices tempo braking. This is the fundamental difference between ABS and non-ABS vehicles.


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